How the University works - an overview

The Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor is the head of the University. He is its chief academic and administrative officer and the employer of all staff. He is an ex-officio member of the University’s Council and he chairs Senate.

Meet the Vice-Chancellor


The University's governing body is the Council. It comprises lay, staff and student members and is chaired by the University’s Chancellor. Council controls the affairs, concerns and property of the University. It is authorised by legislation to act in the ways best calculated to promote the interests of the University.

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On academic matters the Council is required to seek the advice of the Senate, which the Vice-Chancellor chairs. This body includes all the professors, as well as representatives of sub-professorial staff and students. The Senate takes advice from a range of committees such as Research, Education, Academic Programmes, and Library committees. It also takes advice from the faculties.

Senate and other University committees

Faculties and departments

The University has eight faculties bringing together related disciplines for the purposes of teaching and research. Each faculty is headed by a Dean who is responsible for management of the teaching, research and administrative activities of the faculty as well as its finances. Most faculties comprise a number of departments.