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Academic staff at the School of Music have a wealth of experience and expertise in research across a broad range of musical fields and genres.

Associate Professor Allan Badley

Allan’s research interest lies in music of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries with a particular emphasis on the lives, works and professional environment of major contemporaries of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. He has published editions of important works by Wanhal, Pleyel, Hummel and Ries and is currently writing a book on the Viennese composer Leopold Hofmann.

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Dr Gregory Camp

Dr Gregory Camp’s areas of research include film music and opera, notably Monteverdi, Disney, and 1950s cinema. He welcomes masters and doctoral students with interests in these areas and in historical and critical musicology more broadly.

Areas of research

  • Mid twentieth-century American film music
  • Opera staging
  • Monteverdi
  • Disney
  • Musical theatre
  • Pedagogy of music history and theory
  • Linguistics and singing
  • Historical and critical musicology

Recent projects/research

  • Monographs on Howard Hawks (Howard Hawks: Music as Communication in Film) and Hollywood film music (Scoring the Hollywood Actor in the 1950s).
  • Articles on Disney (“Mickey Mouse Muzak: Shaping Experience Musically in the Disney Theme Parks”) and Monteverdi (“Poppea in Space: The Influence of Theatre Architecture on Productions of Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea”).
  • Forthcoming projects on community singing in Disney TV, film, and theme parks; staging of community in Monteverdi’s Orfeo; and Luis Buñuel’s Mexican films of the 1950s.

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Dr David Chisholm

Dr David Chisholm is internationally recognised as a composer defined by diverse and hybrid collaboration and a curator and producer of vision and courage. He is the composer of roughly 50 original compositions including ten long-form works, ranging orchestral, chamber, choral electronics, film, theatre, dance and installation and web projects.

Areas of research

  • Structure and Duration in composition
  • Musical Hermeneutics
  • Queer creativity
  • Transhistorical Aesthetics
  • Reframing of vestigial European musical forms
  • Composer Identity and the invisibility of creative labour

Recent projects/research

  • Spaces Speak: Are You Listening? Co-composition with Dr Fabio Morreale in collaboration with Hayball Architects for Melbourne Design Week, April 2021. (unfixed duration)
  • Commission from Dylan Lardelii Expanding Pixel Threshold premiered by Tosiya Suzuki (Great Bass Recorder) and Yoshie Ueno (Piccolo) in Tokyo November 2020.  8 minutes 
  • Commission from Lizzy Welsh Five pieces for Lizzy Welsh for solo Baroque Violin in Castlemaine Australia October 2020. (12 Minutes)
  • Commission from Alex Raineri Lombard for solo Piano, World Premiere Brisbane Music Festival, Australia October 2019. (1.5 minutes)
  • Commission from San Francisco Contemporary Music Players deepfake for bass flute, bass/contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, piano, cello, double bass, and 4-part low-fi electronics, premiere delayed until April 2022, due to global pandemic. (23 minutes) 

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Dr John Coulter

Dr John Coulter is a specialist in the field of sonic arts composition. 

Areas of research

  • The creative process (general)
  • Sonic arts in the field
  • Acousmatic music - with a special focus on three-dimensional electroacoustic music
  • Performance-based sonic art with live electronics
  • Visual music
  • Interactive installation
  • Innovative forms of popular music

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Associate Professor Rae de Lisle

Rae is interested in the prevention and rehabilitation of injury caused by playing an instrument. A particular focus is the biomechanics of piano playing, and the establishment of a balanced technique that enables musical expression and ease of playing.

She is completing a PhD on focal dystonia in musicians, a devastating condition that often puts an end to a performance career.

Rae welcomes doctoral candidates whose research interests are similar to her own.

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Dr Olivier Holland

Dr Olivier Holland works as a senior lecturer in the jazz department. His research specialities include double bass technique and, in the field of jazz composition, linear writing and the fusion of different music genres.

Since starting his performance career in 1989, Olivier has performed in Europe and Australasia with artists such as Joscho Stephan, John Goldsby, Doug Lawrence, Jamey Oehlers, James Muller, Nathan Haines, Whirimako Black, Stefon Harris and Florian Ross. He has to date contributed to 22 CD releases, 3 of which are his own projects.

2016 has seen Olivier complete his Doctor of Musical Arts degree. With his doctoral research project (The Personalisation of Technique for Jazz Bass), Olivier has developed a new approach to learning technique on jazz double bass. This teaching method has already attracted interest from across the globe.

Olivier is currently working on publishing a bass method book based on his approach.

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Dr Leonie Holmes

Dr Leonie Holmes is a prominent New Zealand composer and receives frequent commissions in the fields of orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal and solo instrumental music. She has also written many works for school and community groups and is active as a speaker, adjudicator and teacher at all levels and age groups within the New Zealand music community.

Areas of research

  • Composition
  • New Zealand music
  • Community music making
  • Creative music and music pedagogy

Recent projects/research

  • For just a little moment for orchestra (2020) commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Premiered Auckland Town Hall 12 November 2020, cond. Giordano Bellincampi
  • Murmuration for violin trio (2019), commissioned by the Nelson Music Festival, dedicated to Helene Pohl, Nikki Chooi and Alexander Pavlovsky. Premiered 9 February 2019
  • This Watershed Time (2018) 8’ for six solo voices and double SATB choir a capella. Commissioned by Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir for its 20th Anniversary Concert with the Kings Singers Wellington/Auckland March 2018
  • A New Zealand Partita: Fantasia (2018)
    Commissioned by Stephen de Pledge. Premiered NZ International Festival 27 Feb 2018
  • Holmes, LJ Where the Tui Sings Three Notes (2015) 7’30”. Commissioned by the University of Auckland, premiered at the Graduation Gala Concert 2015

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Dr David Lines

David is involved in teaching and researching music education. He is currently involved in two main research projects, one on youth and YouTube music learning, the other on community arts and early childhood learning.

David also teaches a leadership course for music/arts educators and a postgraduate course on practical research methodologies

Areas of research

  • School-based music education
  • Philosophical perspectives of music education
  • Community based music teaching and learning
  • Alternative pedagogies and mutlimedia practices
  • Music learning

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Dr Millie Locke

Dr Millie Locke is a lecturer in Music Education in the School of Music. Millie has had a wide range of experience, both as a music education practitioner and a researcher, in a wide range of contexts which include school, the studio, and, pre-service and in-service teacher education.

Areas of research

  • Music education pedagogy
  • Adaptations of Orff approach
  • Orff approach and creativity
  • Critical pedagogy in music education
  • Music education practice in bicultural and culturally diverse settings
  • Arts based pedagogies

Professional development for music teachers

  • Identity formation in music teachers
  • Mentoring as a mode of music education professional development for school and early childhood contexts
  • Blended learning as a mode of music education provision in the tertiary context
  • Sense of place as a threshold concept in developing an understanding of musicking in both community and classroom settings

Recent projects/research

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Dr Fabio Morreale

Dr Fabio Morreale is the Director of Research of the School of Music and a lecturer in Music Technology and Composition. He welcomes masters and doctoral students with interests in the areas of research specified below, and in music and art technology more broadly.

Areas of research

  • Human-AI collaborations in music, design, and fine arts
  • Music and Artificial Intelligence
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Digital musical instrument design
  • Augmented instruments
  • Interactive art
  • Technologies for music education
  • Open-source in music performance and education
  • New paradigms for computer-based performance and composition
  • Music streaming critiqueEthics of technology (mostly data surveillance, AI)

Recent projects/research

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Associate Professor Nancy November

Nancy November is an Associate Professor in musicology. Combining interdisciplinarity and cultural history, her research centers on chamber music of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, probing questions of historiography, canonisation, and genre.

Areas of research

  • Chamber music in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • Musical arrangement and its roles in sociability and canon formation
  • Ideas and ideologies of musical performance
  • The production of musical editions, including theories of editing
  • Pedagogy in higher education, including teaching historical subjects across the disciplines

Recent projects/research

  • NOVEMBER, N. R. Beethoven’s String Quartet in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 131, Oxford Keynotes. In Press: Oxford University Press, 2021
  • NOVEMBER, N. R. (ed.) Cambridge Companion to the Eroica Symphony, Cambridge University Press (2020)
  • NOVEMBER, N. R. (ed.) Performing History, Academic Studies Press (Academic Studies Press, 2020)
  • NOVEMBER, N. R. Beethoven’s Theatrical Quartets:  Opp. 59, 74, and 95 (Cambridge University Press, 2013)
  • NOVEMBER, N. R. Cultivating String Quartets in Beethoven’s Vienna (Boydell Press, 2017)  

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Dr Te Oti Rakena

Dr Te Oti Rakena (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Ruanui, Kāi Tahu) is an American-trained singer, voice teacher and researcher. He has published widely in the fields of community music, studio pedagogy and indigenous research methodologies. His graduated voice students have participated in the National Opera Studio (UK) the Lindemann Young Artist Programme (Metropolitan Opera) and held Adler Fellowships (San Francisco Opera). Dr Rakena welcomes researchers, educators and performers at Masters and PhD level.

Areas of research

  • Community music
  • Singing and population health
  • Vocal pedagogy
  • Tertiary music education
  • Indigenous research methodologies
  • Māori and Pacific Island student success
  • Historical trauma-informed studio pedagogy
  • Arts education and assessment
  • Creative placemaking

Recent projects/research

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Professor Dean Sutcliffe

Professor W. Dean Sutcliffe has published most of his research on eighteenth-century music, but he has supervised students in a wide range of topics, both at the University of Cambridge and now at Auckland.

Areas of research

  • Music and sociability
  • Analysis of tonal music
  • Schema and topic theories
  • Reception history

Recent projects/research

  • Instrumental Music in an Age of Sociability: Haydn, Mozart and Friends (Cambridge, 2020)
  • Editions of string quartets by Gyrowetz and Romberg
  • Articles on Haydn and Beethoven
  • Expressive typologies in instrumental slow movements

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