Explore how you can enhance your on-campus brand and recruit University of Auckland students.

Whether you wish to enhance your attraction strategies, raise the profile of your organisation, build awareness about careers in your industry or support students on their journey to work-readiness, we can help.

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About our students

With over 40,000 students, our diverse student population represents a range of ages, backgrounds, academic subjects and world views. The University of Auckland is ranked 81 in the 2016 QS World University Rankings of over 800 Universities, and 140 in the 2015-2016 Global Employability University Ranking. Find out more about the University of Auckland’s rankings and key statistics.

Our students are studying a broad range of degrees and disciplines towards qualifications at various levels, including undergraduate, honours, masters and doctorate.

Our 8 Faculties are:

  • The Faculty of Arts
  • The Business School
  • The National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries
  • The Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • The Faculty of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Law
  • The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
  • The Faculty of Science

Find more information about our faculties, research institutes and campuses and our programmes and subjects.

The Employer Engagement Team

The Employer Engagement Team is part of the central Career Development and Employability Services department and collaborates with all faculties to support engagement between employers and students. We work closely with employers to facilitate meaningful interactions with the University and our students to support your student attraction interests and strategies. 

Faith Pallant - Employer Engagement Manager 
Contact Faith to discuss how the Employer Engagement Team can support your organisation. 
09 923 9433
027 706 8049 

Kate Jones - Employer Event Coordinator
Contact Kate for information about our expos, career events, recruitment events and registrations. 
09 923 5941 

Kashika Batra - Employer Engagement Assistant
Contact Kashika for information about promoting your opportunities to students. 
09 923 3146