CAANZ Intern Programme 2016 - Recruitment Event Event as iCalendar

21 April 2015


Venue: E403-402

The CAANZ mandate is to:

• Defend the right to promote and advertise
• Future-proof agencies
• Recognise industry and agency achievements

The CAANZ Intern Programme offers a service to the agencies we represent and we recruit graduates on behalf of our members. Agencies are only looking for the sharpest, most passionate and genuinely curious young people. You need to be able to listen, learn on the go, and be a keen observer with the confidence to voice your opinion.

We are business professionals with serious budgets and small margins; often there are executive boards and shareholders to keep happy, not to mention highly demanding clients who drive the briefs, pay the bills and deserve the best we have to offer.

Think you can do it?

We are pleased to invite interested candidates to come and meet us on campus.

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