NZ Young Farmers (Red Meat Network) Recruitment Event Event as iCalendar

15 May 2017

5 - 7pm

Venue: MedChem/301-G053 (Science)

Location: Medium Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Chemistry Building, 23 Symonds Street

Red Meat Network on campus!

What is the Red Meat Network?

The Red Meat Network gives an opportunity for leading students to establish networks with members of the red meat supply chain while still studying. These people include:

  • Suppliers to red meat sector 
  • Fertilizer company sales and technical staff
  • National and international meat processing
  • Marketing and retail staff
  • International trade envoys and members of industry good organisations.

It will show different pathways to different careers in a highly internationalised industry. Participants will hear from, discuss with and question presenters on how they got to be where they are now. Presenters will outline what they see as the careers of the future and the skills and attributes required to succeed in those careers. The purpose of the programme is to help students develop an industry network before they leave the educational / training institution. The overall objective is to increase the number of motivated and high achieving graduates entering the industry supply chain.

Who is this for?

The target population comprises high achieving students who are in tertiary education and who have indicated an interest in working in some part(s) of the red meat supply chain – from the gene to the consumer. There is a selection process based upon demonstrated ability and enthusiasm for the red meat industry.

The programme is funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership in conjunction with New Zealand Young Farmers.

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