Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme Information Evening Event as iCalendar

01 June 2017

5 - 7pm

Venue: MedChem/301-G053



Spaces are limited, so book your place at this event now. 

Vodafone is offering graduates the chance to absolutely own their careers though their Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme. You will have experiences that you only get when you work for one of the biggest telecommunication brands on the planet. From day one you’ll be working alongside experts, senior leaders and people who inspire on a daily basis. 

They're offering fantastic training and development opportunities, plus you’ll be working in a driven environment where you’re surrounded by the latest technology and innovation.

At the end of the two year programme, you'll decide what career path you’d like to go down, but whatever path you take, at Vodafone, you’ll own it.

The two year programme is open to recent Bachelor or Masters' graduates, or those who are due to graduate in 2017 and available to work from February 2018. You need to be ambitious, passionate, and you must really want to work in a full-on environment. 

"Owning your journey means making the most of every opportunity to develop and learn. Every day we’re dreaming up and delivering new products and services, because we are obsessed with what we do." 

Ready to own it?

At the end of the two years you'll decide what career path you’d like to go down, whether that’s as an engineer, a marketing executive, an HR professional, a finance specialist, or something else in between. 

Check out some of the potential career opportunities at Vodafone below. 

Sales with a future

A sales career with Vodafone could take you a long way. You might start as a retail sales representative in a Vodafone retail store. As opportunities come your way, you could work your way up to corporate sales, and then make the leap into a senior management role where you’ll roll out major business initiatives. We’re not just talking about New Zealand – Vodafone’s global connections could pave the way to a brilliant international career.

We help our sales people to succeed with specialised training that’s relevant to their role, whether that’s retail, telesales, business-to-business or large-scale enterprise. 

Extend your finance skills working alongside our talented analysts, accountants, commercial managers, planners and security specialists

Customer-obsessed marketing jobs

We’re customer-obsessed, and that obsession peaks within Marketing. They slip on the customer’s shoes at every opportunity, to generate insights and develop propositions that will resonate with the marketplace. Pricing, product management and communications are the instruments our marketers orchestrate to create effective marketing plans.

Marketing is also firmly connected to our branding and sponsorship activities, which help to shape how our customers think and feel about Vodafone. We’ve got marketing roles within our consumer and enterprise teams.

HR jobs that develop potential

Vodafone’s success rests on the shoulders of its people, so our Human Resources (HR) team are focused on lifting total business performance by maximising the possibilities of every individual, and building awesome teams.

Every stage of the Vodafone employee journey, from recruitment and induction to continuous upskilling and leadership development, is carefully planned and managed by HR. The guiding thoughts behind our HR strategy are simple - identify and develop potential, then recognise and reward great performance. Helping people to be the best they can be.

A fine range of jobs in finance

Our Finance people look after the analysing, billing, reporting, auditing, security and supply-chain management tasks that keep our internal wheels of commerce running smoothly. They work closely with Vodafone’s European headquarters and other Vodafone operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Roles within Finance include:

  • Business analysts
  • Accountants
  • Commercial managers

  • Financial planning specialists extend your finance skills working alongside our talented analysts, accountants, commercial managers, planners and security specialists.


We’re a technology company, just as much as we’re a telecommunications company. Behind the scenes, Vodafone is teeming with IT engineers, designers, developers, builders and operators. They keep our network and information systems in shape, so that we can deliver the reliability and innovation our customers expect. If you’re IT-oriented, working for Vodafone is a chance to work on challenging projects that will require you to think outside the square and provide new solutions.

Technology roles within Vodafone include:

  • Network engineering and maintenance
  • Operations systems and implementation engineering
  • Infrastructure and end-user computing
  • Release and deployment management
  • Development and testing
  • Project management
  • Business analysis, architecture and business intelligence

Vodafone Digital team

Everything that makes up Vodafone’s online presence comes through the Digital team. Working with Web Designers, Web Developers and Copywriters are E-Commerce, Sales Strategists and Statistics Analysts. The many digital functions within Vodafone make this a dynamic and fast paced team offering great opportunities for the digital-savvy.

Digital launches the latest technology online and deliver world class service and efficiency. Our customer experience leading digital capability is due to the great people we source. 

Applications opened 15 May 2017 and close 29 June 2017 for the programme starting February 2018. Apply now!