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Develop your leadership capabilities through L.E.D Talks or the 360° Leadership Programme.

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Connect with like-minded students at our L.E.D Talks series!

These short, punchy and engaging talks explore different aspects of leadership education and development. Current leaders from a range of backgrounds discuss different leadership topics and you'll have the opportunity to discuss, question, challenge and explore the ideas through small group discussion.

These interactive workshops are an excellent opportunity to network and socialise with a range of students, staff and alumni who have a shared interest in leadership development.




13 August 2015 Emotional intelligence and the leader 6-8pm
7 October 2015 Persuasion, negotiation and influence without authority 6.30-8.30pm

Location: Owen Glen Building, City Campus.

Cost to students: $14 inc GST.

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360° Leadership Programme

The 360° Leadership Programme is a six-month development programme designed for current students primarily in their first or second year of study at the University of Auckland.

The programme is for students who want to grow their leadership capabilities and apply what they learn in a real world context.

The Inside Word

The Inside Word blogger, Paige, attended the first 360° Leadership Programme workshop recently. Find out more about her personal experience and what you can expect from the programme by checking out her blog entry.

Objectives of the 360° Leadership Programme

  • To facilitate students’ contribution to creating a vibrant, engaging and exciting University environment.
  • To support and develop leadership in the students who are actively contributing to the University community.
  • To support students in the development of a more globally connected leadership.
  • To facilitate stronger leadership relationships and learning between international and New Zealand students.
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Theme of the 360° Leadership Programme

The theme of the programme is “Understanding and developing your leadership identity”. As a future leader, you'll be enabled to more effectively understand and engage with complexity and difference of perspective, while refining your leadership in the University community.

"Understanding and developing your leadership identity"

This theme is underpinned by a series of questions that you will explore throughout the programme:

  • Who am I? What values, experiences and views do I hold?
    Who are we as a leadership group? How are we going to connect and create stronger leadership relationships?
  • Where am I?
    What’s the context for my leadership? What’s my sense of place?
  • Why?
    What’s my leadership for?

This identity and place can be thought about in relation to the following contexts:

  • As a student
  • Within clubs and associations
  • Within the wider University community
  • In the community
  • As a citizen of the world

In investigating the ways in which place informs your leadership identity, you will become more aware of your own boundaries and assumptions. You will become more adept at challenging your ‘truths’. In doing so, you will construct different options for how you believe that you and others can enact leadership within these contexts.

This theme provides a foundation on which to construct a different set of leadership practices, enabling you to more effectively understand and engage with complexity and difference of perspective. There will also be significant opportunities to construct experiences that investigate leadership in different places and interactions with others who can also describe how identity and place have influenced their leadership.



Workshops and Structure of the 360° Leadership Programme

  • The programme is designed to challenge. Rather than be given a ‘how to’ guide on leadership, this programme will introduce new leadership ideas and enable you to experiment with new ways of behaving.
  • Over the course of the six month programme, you’ll complete five workshops. At these workshops you’ll be introduced to fresh ideas on the challenges of leadership and take part in a number of experiential activities which will encourage active discussion.
  • In between workshops there is some project-based work as an opportunity to test out and practice new concepts.
  • The 360° Leadership Programme is delivered by facilitators from the New Zealand Leadership Institute, who run a range of leadership courses, drawing on the experiences of leaders from within the University and across the public and private sectors.

You are required to attend all workshops in full.

Workshop format 2015 dates and times

Workshop 1

17 - 18 April

Workshop 2

23 May
Workshop 3
24 - 25 July
Workshop 4
29 August
Workshop 5
26 September
9 October
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Who is eligible for the 360° Leadership Programme?

The programme is open to primarily first and second year undergraduate students, both domestic and international. Other current undergraduate students may apply. We want applicants who are actively involved in extra-curricular activities (either in clubs, societies and associations on campus), or who volunteer their time at the University or in the community. It is in these activities that you’ll be testing out your leadership skills, during and after the programme.

As an applicant, you need to address the following criteria which will be considered by the selection panel:

  1. Leadership context — you should be able to tell us your leadership context (the place that you are able to actively use and apply your learning during the programme), and articulate your ongoing commitment to it.
  2.  Readiness and openness to learning and growing — you must demonstrate that you are:
    • Open to challenge.
    • Willing to be honest and open.
    • Willing to actively bring your challenges and stories into the programme.
    • Motivated to test new ideas and share those experiments.
  3. Desire to make an impact — you should be able to articulate some ideas around your aspirations, the change you wish to see, and the way you see leadership helping you to make this impact.
  4. Self-management — you should be able to balance your current studies and any other commitments with this programme. This course requires a significant commitment.
The programme fee is $200. Some scholarships may be available to successful applicants.
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What are our leaders up to now?

Check out what graduates of the 360° Leadership Programme are up to now, and what they thought of their time on the programme.

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