Fighting a fire

Active fire fighting should only be attempted if it is safe to do so, you have a means of escape and feel confident you know how.


Learn what to do before a fire.

Fire wardens

Training for Fire Wardens is free for staff. Learn more: Fire safety and warden training.

Active fire fighting

The training is important, as using the wrong sort of fire extinguisher on a fire may be ineffective, or even make the fire much worse. This training can be arranged by individual business units through a third party training provider. Learn more: Fire Extinguisher training

Note: There is a cost, charged per individual or as part of a group. 

Fire fighting


Water sprayed onto a fat or powdered metal fire will cause the fire to flare violently and may also cause it to spread. In addition, water sprayed onto an electrically energised fire may expose you to the risk of electrocution.

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