Fire safety: Fire and building wardens

Fire wardens play a critical role at the University in emergency situations.

University wardens gather in an assembly area following an evacuation drill.
University wardens gather in an assembly area following an evacuation drill.

Wardens are a vital part of the University’s emergency management structure. When required, their role is to assist in the orderly evacuation of all occupants from their department/area.

Line managers/academic supervisors are responsible for ensuring area and building wardens are avilable at all times their premises are operational.

Staff who undertake the role of warden must attend the Fire Safety and Warden course available on Fire Safety and Warden training webpage, however, all staff should have a basic understanding of the warden's responsibilities and be capable of assuming this role during an emergency.

Warden types

There are four types of wardens:

  • Fire warden (red vest)
  • Building warden (yellow vest)
  • First aider (green vest)
  • HazMat (blue vest) [HazMat is an abbreviation of hazardous materials]


Fire warden duties

  1. Put on your red vest
  2. Warn people and instruct them to leave
  3. Check areas such as toilets, showers and meeting rooms
  4. Appoint helpers to assist those who need assistance
  5. Close doors
  6. Report to the building warden
  7. Help with crowd control

Building warden duties

  1. Proceed to the main entrance and put on the yellow vest
  2. Obtain the evacuation board/check sheet
  3. Ensure emergency services have been called (you may delegate)
  4. Receive fire warden reports
  5. Report to the Fire Service Scene Controller with the following information
    1. Where the emergency is
    2. Whether hazardous substances are involved
    3. Whether everyone is out
  6. Ensure an incident report is completed

Action cards

We have action cards to assist wardens to carry out their roles. These cards are kept in the Fire Warden card database (staff only). Wardens can find the relevant cards for their buildings, and should print, laminate and place the card(s) in an easily accessible place with the warden jacket for the warden to access if and when required. They are intended to be an aid memoir and not a replacement for formal training.


Megaphones can be helpful for crowd controlling and moving occupants away from the buildings. 

Preferred supplier: Jaycar Ltd

Important phone numbers

Emergency services—Fire, Police, Ambulance
Phone: 111 (1-111 internal)

  • Know your street address and building number.
  • 111 calls are free and the call goes through even if you have no phone credit.

Phone: 966 (internal) or 0800 373 7550

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