About SciTrack

SciTrack (previously known as SciQuest ERM) is an inventory management and procurement tool for all chemicals, risk biologicals and most lab consumables.

The purpose of SciTrack is to provide University-wide assurance, and support research and teaching activities.

It is important that we have a consistent approach for importing, managing, tracking and disposing of materials. This also contributes to our focus on sustainability.

Who uses SciTrack?

SciTrack is mainly used by staff or post-graduate students who work in laboratories that use chemicals or restricted biologicals.

You will need SciTrack access to:
- Purchase lab chemicals or consumables from the FMHS, SBS, or SCS central stores
- Raise a purchase order for a supplier listed in SciTrack. These are suppliers of chemicals or restricted biologicals.
- Maintain your inventory of chemicals and/or restricted biologicals.

Benefits of SciTrack

  • SciTrack securely tracks and manages the full lifecycle of material from point of purchase, transport, storage, use and disposal of hazardous and restricted materials.
  • It offers laboratory staff and researchers the opportunity to move away from individual spreadsheets and into a fully supported system. This gives greater visibility of items, making stocktake easier and quicker.
  • Researchers can make price comparisons for an item across approved vendors.
  • Principal Investigators can see how much of the grant or funding they have spent on laboratory consumables and chemical items.
  • The inventory supports sharing of chemicals across research groups which will help reduce purchase and disposal costs.

SciTrack also contributes to the University retaining our unique HSNO Exempt Laboratory status, regulatory compliance and assisting in more effective emergency response.

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