Damstra Safety (Vault) user support

Find out how to report and manage incidents by completing the online training modules below. Each module is 15 minutes long.

Creating Health and Safety Awareness

This is an online course on creating health and safety awareness and how to lodge health and safety injuries, incidents (no injury) and observations at the University of Auckland.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of health and safety at the University of Auckland
  • Why health and safety is important?
  • What are the benefits of health and safety?
  • What is expected of all staff (HASWA 2015)?
  • What are the personal health and safety roles & responsibilities of staff at the university?
  • Definitions of injury, incident (no injury) and observation
  • How to identify and categorise injuries, incidents (no injury) and observations?
  • What are the Health and Safety Incident Reporting and Management Standard and guidelines?
  • Where to access the health and safety Damstra Safety (Vault) portal?
  • How to complete and lodge the new report form for injury, incident (no injury) and observation on the reporting Damstra Safety (Vault) portal?


For all staff (including Line Managers and Triage Co-ordinators).

Health and Safety Awareness for Line Managers / Academic Leaders

The course covers the following topics:
  • Apply and implement our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy, protocols and local arrangements
  • Incorporate health and safety into BAU. Take action in responsible area regarding health and safety
  • Promote awareness, understanding of how to foster an environment of caring about people and demonstrate appreciation of people for reporting
  • Be are aware of health and safety responsibilities
  • Empower others to manage health and safety in their area / take action and take appropriate action when notified of an event
  • Understand how health and safety committees work and how different roles work together
  • Undertake and follow up on corrective actions to ensure they are completed.


For Line Managers/Academic Leaders.

Health and Safety Awareness for Triage Co-ordinators

This is an online course for Triage Co-ordinators on how to triage notifications, co-ordinate a local investigation, co-ordination for the recommendation of corrective actions and have a good understanding of the Health and Safety Incident Management process.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Definition of Triage Co-ordinators
  • Responsibilities of Triage Co-ordinators
  • Process flow of incident: Triage Co-ordinator
  • Receiving an automated notification of a health and safety incident
  • Who to engage with to perform a local investigations and support if necessary
  • Who to engage with to recommend corrective actions
  • Incident triage and co-ordination on Damstra Safety (Vault).


For Triage Co-ordinators.

Health and safety risk and incidents severity assessment

This document provides guidance for University of Auckland staff, line managers and incident triage / coordinators who assess risks and categorise health and safety incidents. It also provides some guidance around incident severity, appropriate response as defined in the Health and Safety Incident Reporting and Management standard and guidance on risk severity for assessment purposes. 

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