SGS Research Showcase winners announced

A mussel restoration project, a nostalgic image, and an exploration of artificial corneal technology took out the top prizes in the SGS Research Showcase 2022.

L-R: Rachel Tapera, Yin-Chi Lee, Judith Glasson, Joevy Lim, Candida Rolla, Edy Setyawan and Michael Pudjihartono.

The Science Foyer was buzzing with excitement last week, as staff, students and supporters gathered to explore the fascinating research on display for the School of Graduate Studies Research Showcase 2022.

Prizes were awarded to the top-scorers and People’s Choice winners in the three categories: Academic posters, research images and Pecha Kucha presentations.

Flexing our mussels: Restoring New Zealand’s wild intertidal mussel reefs

Nelson-based doctoral candidate Trevyn Toone took out the coveted first prize in the academic posters category, for his research on restoring New Zealand’s wild intertidal mussel reefs. As this year’s Asia-Pacific Three Minute Thesis winner, Trevyn continues to impress audiences from around the world with his research communication skills.

“I'm passionate about these research communication competitions for two reasons. First, I'm based in Nelson so these competitions have been a great way to stay connected to the broader postgraduate community and see what other kinds of research are happening on the main campus. Second, they challenge me to develop clear and compelling summarisations of some pretty complex research for an average audience member which actually helps me understand my own work better."

Academic Poster category results

Trevyn Toone (Faculty of Science) | Flexing our mussels: Restoring New Zealand’s wild intertidal mussel reefs​

Edy Setyawan (Faculty of Science) | Investigating reef manta ray nursery in Wayag lagoon, Raja Ampat​

People’s Choice
Rachel Tapera (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences​) |  What are the social effects of neurodivergence on African migrants in Aotearoa New Zealand?​

Hiraeth: A longing for a home which maybe never was

Professor Jim Metson​ with Research Image category winner, Yin-Chi Lee

Yin-Chi Lee, who is studying for a PhD in Dance Studies, won the research image category with a captivating image, Hiraeth, representing nostalgia, longing, and grief for the lost places of a soul’s past. As a dancer, Yin-Chi says working creatively and collaboratively allows her to look into social and political issues through practice.

“I was encouraged by my friends to enter the SGS Research Showcase. Knowing my work involves photography, they believed that by sharing it might help encourage some interesting conversations and awareness – and it did! I hope that through my creative output and research writing, marginal stories can be shared creatively, and Taiwanese and migrant conversations can be encouraged in Aotearoa.”

Research Image category results

Yin-Chi Lee​ (Creative Arts and Industries) | Hiraeth

Joint Runner-up
Sarah-Kay Coulter​ (Faculty of Education and Social Work) | Mokopuna Māori

William Chen​ (Creative Arts and Industries​) | A journey to the convenience store

People’s Choice
Candida Rolla (Creative Arts and Industries) | Hokitika, Te Wai Pounamu - Layers of Heritage​

Crystallin Clear: Improving Bioengineered Corneal Stromal Materials

Professor Jim Metson, Pecha Kucha winner Judith Glasson and Professor Caroline Daley

First place in the Pecha Kucha category went to Judith Glasson, who is working between the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering and the Department of Ophthalmology on the improvement of artificial corneal technology. 

Judith's research focus is inspired by her keen interest in the field of the field of regenerative medicine, and her dream is to develop functional grafts that patients can receive to restore vision and improve quality of life. She was recently awarded the P J Smith Travelling Fellowship for a collaboration with Universities of Sydney and Wollongong in February 2023.

She says that exploring the submissions from the other finalists from across the University was a highlight of the SGS Research Showcase.

“I really enjoy science communication, and finding fun new ways to explain my area of interest to my peers and the public. I had never tried a Pecha Kucha format before, so it was a nice challenge.

"It was also wonderful to see all the other submissions and get a bite-sized taste of so many research topics. Although I didn't participate in it, I adored the research image section. As someone in a field dominated by numbers, graphs and cell counts, seeing artistic representations of research was very inspiring.”

Pecha Kucha category results

Judith Glasson (Faculty of Engineering) | Crystallin Clear: Improving Bioengineered Corneal Stromal Materials

Michael Pudjihartono (Liggins Institute) | Non-coding DNA: illuminating the dark side of cancer

People's Choice
Joevy Lim (Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences) | Eye Melanoma in Aotearoa

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