Response to Anne-Marie Brady review

University of Auckland statement regarding Anne-Marie Brady review

The University of Auckland acknowledges the findings of the University of Canterbury Council which considered recommendations from its Academic Freedom Committee.

The University of Auckland strongly upholds the principles of academic freedom, however it is noted that the Committee’s terms of reference did not cover the University of Auckland’s specific complaint about inaccuracies and misleading information in the Brady Publication. We stand by our original complaint, and are concerned that the review did not address the issues raised.

The University notes specific feedback to Professor Brady and her co-authors by the Academic Freedom Committee about the University of Auckland complaint relating to assertions and implications made about Professor Wei Gao. This feedback advises the inclusion of an endnote linking to Professor Gao’s profile on the University of Auckland website and says this information was likely omitted due to a need to condense relevant information.

The University of Auckland calls on Professor Brady to amend her publication to reflect the correct academic record of Professor Gao.

11 December 2020