Palestine solidarity protest

Tuesday 30 April 2024

In recent months the conflict in Gaza has led to widespread protests in cities around the world, and more recently this has manifested itself in the establishment of encampments on university campuses.

A student group recently indicated an intention to establish an encampment at the University of Auckland tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 1 May.

We fully support the right of our students and staff to engage in peaceful and lawful protest.

However, we also remind staff and students of our expectations of civil and respectful discourse on our campuses, as outlined in our Code of Conduct. We also have a paramount obligation to protect the health, safety and well-being of our University community.

Having carefully considered the matter and taken into account advice from the New Zealand Police, the decision has been made to work constructively with the students to facilitate a peaceful and lawful protest on campus, but to not support the establishment of an overnight encampment.

This compromise enables students and staff who wish to express their views to do so in a peaceful and lawful manner, without introducing the significant risks that such encampments have brought to other university campuses.

This is an important time to once more remind ourselves of the values which bind us as a university community, and to look after each other in these times of heightened geopolitical tension.