Wharenoho Raumati | Summer Accommodation

Applications are now open for summer 2023 applications.

Current University of Auckland students, students from other New Zealand Universities completing a Summer Internship in Auckland; or individuals from other Universities doing a project or research with the University can apply to stay in our self-catered accommodation during the 2023-2024 summer period. 

If you are not a current tertiary student, intern from the University of Auckland or other NZ tertiary institute, or completing research with the University, please direct your summer accommodation enquiries to summerstays@auckland.ac.nz or visit the Summer Stays website.

Please note: Summer Accommodation dates are fixed to allow for room turnovers for the start of the 2024 academic residential period. Any requests to extend summer bookings may be declined unless students have a confirmed 2024 agreement for the same residence & room type.

Summer Accommodation bookings do not include membership to the University Recreation Centre.

Proof of enrolment is required at the time of booking. Spaces are strictly limited and allocated on a first in first served basis. 

Residential Agreements for Summer Stays are for a minimum of 14 days, up to the full term length. 

Summer Dates

Residence Start Date End Date
Waipārūrū Hall Self-Catered - bridging booking (current residents only) 15 November 2023 2 December 2023
Summer Self-Catered Residences 2 December 2023 3 February 2024

Bridging Bookings - Waipārūrū Self-Catered Only

Current Residents in our first year halls wishing to stay in Accommodation over summer will need to also apply for a bridging booking at Waipārūrū due to the later Academic Year finish date at our self-catered summer residences. 

Please select that you require a bridging booking when completing your Summer Accommodation Application. 

Please note: Waipārūrū bridging bookings are not catered - the Kai Kitchen will be available for cooking, and communal fridges and freezers are available on each floor. 

Residence Room Type Bridging Nightly Rate Suitability
Waipārūrū Hall Single room in dorm style residence $50 Current students only - waiting to move into self-catered summer residence

Summer Residences and Rates

The below self-catetered residences are available for the summer term with a minimum 14 day booking.

Residence Room Type Summer Weekly Rate Suitability
55 Symonds Studio Deluxe $400
  • Single UoA Student
  • Visiting research student from partner Universities
Carlaw Park - Stuart McCutcheon House Single room in 3-5 bed apartment $310
  • Single UoA Student
Carlaw Park - Nicholls Single room in 3-4 bed apartment $300
  • Single UoA Student
Te Tirohanga o te Tōangaroa Single room in dorm style residence $290
  • Single UoA student
  • Student from any New Zealand University completing a Summer Internship in Auckland
  • Visiting research student from partner Universities 

Summer Accommodation FAQs

My current 2023 booking finishes on the 30 November 2023, but the Summer Term doesnt start until the 2 December 2023 - what do I do for these days in-between? 

If you are currently in-room, your Residence Team will see this when they are creating your Summer booking, and will ensure the start date lines up with the end date of your current booking unless you advise otherwise.

Summer Terms finish 3 February 2024, but I applied for the 2024 Academic Year that starts 7 February 2024 - what do I do for the period in between?

Once you have a confirmed 2024 booking, you can email your Residence Team to extend your Summer booking to line up with the start date of your 2024 booking. 

Can I stay in my current room during my Summer booking?

Whilst we do our best to continue your bookings in the same room, there is a chance your current room may be closed over the summer period for maintenance or commercial summer. Your Residence Team will let you know if you need to move rooms for your Summer booking. 

Is there a deposit or application fee for Summer bookings? 

No application fee is required for summer bookings. You will be charged your first fortnight instalment, and this needs to be paid to confirm your Summer booking prior to arrival. 

Do I have to book for the whole Summer term?

No, the minimum length booking is two weeks (14 days). To cancel a summer booking, you need to give two or more weeks notice - this is outlined in the booking agreement you need to sign and return to confirm your booking. 

Im a student from a different tertiary institute (or the University of Auckland) doing an internship in Auckland for the summer, can I stay in your Accommodation?

Yes, students from any New Zealand Tertiary Institute completing a Summer Internship in Auckland are welcome to stay with us at Te Tirohanga only. Please note that we cannot be flexible with our term dates, so you will need to find alternative Accommodation if your internship starts earlier or runs later. 

Work with us this summer

Work your own way. Level up your income and decrease your rent!

Our Summer staff work closely with the Accommodation team over the busy summer accommodation season by working as a Summer Assistant or Senior Resident.

If you're looking for a place to live and also need a job, this may be your opportunity to have the best of both worlds.