Accepting your offer

Find out how to accept your offer and how to tell when your accommodation has been confirmed.

How do I accept my offer?

To confirm your offer of accommodation you must have responded by the due date stipulated on your offer notification email by:

  • accepting your online residential agreement
  • paying your $650 Accommodation deposit
  • and paying your $300 administration fee.

Residential agreement

Your residential agreement is a legally-binding document and you must ensure that you understand all the contractual conditions. If you are unsure, we suggest you consult your lawyer.

To accept your offer online:

  • Log into the Accommodation Portal.
  • Click on the offer link displayed on your homepage.
  • Click on Save and Continue and you will be taken to your Residential Agreement.
  • Review the Residential Agreement, and tick both boxes at the bottom of the agreement, to indicate you have read and understood all the terms and conditions of the agreement.
    Click Accept and Continue.
  • A copy of the residential agreement will be sent to the email address we have for you.

Deposit and administration fee

The $650 Accommodation deposit is a prepayment of your annual Accommodation fees and is credited to your room account before you move in.

It is not an additional amount. It is refundable under certain conditions but can be forfeited. Your $300 administration fee is not refundable.

You can pay the deposit and administration fee together as follows:

  • Once you have accepted your residential agreement, you will be directed to the Payment Options page, where you can pay your combined administration fee and deposit of NZ$950.00. This can be paid online using a credit card, or by online bank transfer (Account to Account Payment), using a New Zealand bank account.
  • If you are an overseas student, and wish to pay by bank transfer, you can make an online payment using the bank account details listed on your offer email.

The status of your application will remain 'Offer has been sent' until you have accepted your residential agreement online, and paid your deposit.

Once both of these have been completed (it may take up to 5 days to confirm international bank deposits), your status will change to 'Accommodation Confirmed'.

If you wish to check that your payment has been received, log into your application and check the status is Accommodation Confirmed.

How do I know that my accommodation is confirmed?

  • Your online status indicator shows you are confirmed.
  • Once you have accepted the residential agreement, completed the medical health form, and have successfully paid your $950 deposit online via our online payment portal, Your status will be updated to 'Accommodation Confirmed'.
  • If you have paid by international bank transfer, it may take up to 5 working days for your payment to be received and your status to be updated.

What happens if I don't react to the offer by the due date?

  • If you have not accepted the online residential agreement, and paid the deposit by the due date stipulated in your offer of place notification email, your offer will lapse, and your place will be offered to another applicant on the waitlist.
  • Your application will only be reconsidered for selection if you specifically ask for this to be done, giving reasons why you did not react by the due date to your offer. However, please note that another offer to you cannot be guaranteed in this case.

What happens if I decline the offer?

  • If you decline the offer, your application will be placed back on the waitlist.
  • Think carefully before declining an offer. It might not be possible to make another offer to you as applicants who have not yet received an offer will be given preference.
  • If you do not let us know that you are declining the offer, your place will lapse and your application will not be considered for an offer again. You must tell us if you still want to be considered for another offer.

What happens if I have a confirmed place in a residence, but do not get University entrance or a place in a course of study?

You must be enrolled as a full-time student at The University of Auckland to take up residence, even if you have a confirmed place and have paid the required fees.

  • If you did not get entry into University or into your course of study, you need to email us to advise us so that your application can be withdrawn, your place can be cancelled and your deposit refunded. Contact Accommodation Solutions.

For more information about withdrawing and refunds, see Withdrawing from your residential agreement.