Withdrawing/changing your residential agreement

Find out how to withdraw from your application or residential agreement, how to change your residential agreement type and the conditions for refunds.

Withdrawing from your Residential Agreement

In order to withdraw from your Residential Agreement with University Accommodation, please read through the various conditions and required steps outlined below.

Who you need to contact

  • To withdraw before you move in, you should contact Accommodation Solutions.
  • To withdraw after you have moved in, you should meet with your Residential Manager (RM).


  • Accommodation Solutions or your Residential Manager (RM) will advise you on the implications of withdrawing at that time and show you how to fill out the online request.
  • The request will be reviewed online and sent to Head of Operations for approval.
  • You will be notified by email of the decision. 
  • If you want to appeal the decision, then you would appeal to the Associate Director, Camps Life (Accommodation).


The below documents detail the various conditions and results if you withdraw from University Accommodation. 

2024 Residents

Current 2023 Residents

How do I make a complaint or appeal a decision?

To make a complaint or offer feedback please see: Accommodation Feedback Process

If you seek to appeal the decision relating to your withdrawal from University-owned and operated accommodation, write to:

Associate Director for Campus Life (Accommodation)