Residential rules and fees

Here you’ll find details on fees, when and how to make payments, and the Ture Wharenoho | Residential Rules for all University-managed residences.

Three students in a room with two sitting on the bed and one standing in the doorway

Residential rules for all University-managed residences.

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Resident is sitting in a circular enclave in Te Tirohanga. They have study materials in front of them.

Find out how to withdraw from your application or residential agreement, how to change your residential agreement type and the conditions for refunds.

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Three students studying at two separate tables. One student is in the foreground.

Read through our customer care charter.

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Three students outside of Grafton Student Flats drinking from mugs and chatting.

Comments, compliments and complaint management in Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation.

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A resident at 55 Symonds standing in their kitchen looking at their phone.

Learn about the resident conduct process should students living in University Accommodation not follow the residential rules.

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