Accommodation Management team

Kaimahi Wharenoho | Our Accommodation team

The support team at Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation provide you with a comfortable living environment so that you can enjoy your life as a student as well as work towards academic success.

The University of Auckland aims to provide an engaging and supportive campus environment. Our Accommodation communities have robust academic and pastoral care support programmes to ensure our students achieve, grow and develop lifelong skills and connections.

Our dedicated team at Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation work closely with services across the University campuses to ensure that our students have access to support, a positive experience and solid platform for success.

Kaitaki Wharenoho | Associate Director of Campus Life (Accommodation) 

The Kairaki Wharenoho | Associate Director for Campus Life responsible for Accommodation is tasked with the strategic direction and development of the department, oversight for service delivery and all aspects of operations. The Associate Director heads up the Accommodation leadership team.

Urumatua Whakahaere | Head of Operations - Accommodation

The Urumatua Whakahaere | Head of Operations – Accommodation provides strategic leadership and effective operational management to the Accommodation department and is accountable for the overall delivery of an effective student accommodation service. This includes overseeing staff, the residential experience and customer care programme, effective operation of Halls and Residences, policy and procedure development and ensuring services align with the strategic goals and ambitions of the university.

Poutaki Wharenoho | Resident Managers and Kairuruku Wharenoho | Resident Coordinators

Poutaki Wharenoho | Resident Managers live on-site or nearby to the residence. They provide on-site support for students and ensure that the accommodation community is safe, comfortable, supportive, conducive to academic success, personal growth, and is responsive to the needs of students. They work with Kairuruku Wharenoho | Resident Coordinators, who support the wider team in the evening in areas of emergency response and engagement. Our support team work with RAs to help manage student behaviour and ensure a high level of residential service and connection to university support.

Pou Wheako Wharenoho | Residential Experience Officer

The Pou Wheako Wharenoho | Residential Experience Officer works centrally with all Accommodation staff to deliver services to Residents. The Residential Experience Officer will oversee our Inter-Residential programme, support delivery for PASS mentoring, heads up the Residential Advisory committee and supports research into good practice to ensure we can continue to innovate and evolve.

Kaiwhakahaere | Administrators, Kiripaepae | Receptionists and Māngai Ratonga Kiritaki | Customer Service staff

Our Administration and Customer Service teams are often the face on the front desk of our Accommodation. They work with the Resident Managers to ensure that all administrative, finance and front of house procedures are operating smoothly. They are a valuable part of our accommodation support team, and will be the first person to give you our warm Kiwi welcome.

Kaitohutohu Wharenoho | Resident Advisers (RAs)

Our RAs are specifically selected and trained high-achieving senior students employed by the University. Their role is one of primarily academic role modelling and personal support. They support students by connecting them to leadership, social and academic development opportunities on campus and in the community. RAs live on-site and are the first port of call for students needing assistance or support as they navigate the challenges of being a tertiary student living away from home.

Accommodation Solutions team

The Accommodation Solutions team provide central shared services to the Accommodation department. Led by the Poutaki Take Wharenoho | Manager Accommodation Solutions, they manage the occupancy and marketing for all of our Halls and Residences, supporting students in making informed decisions about where to live, supporting our technology requirements, and processing applications, offers and residential agreements.

Accommodation Commercial team

The Commercial team in Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation are responsible for ensuring our buildings are kept up to a good standard. Led by the Poutaki Tauhokohoko Wharenoho | Commercial Manager, works with our Poutaki Whare | Accommodation Building Manager and Maintenance Officers to make sure facilities are kept in top shape. The Commercial Manager also works with our landlords for leased buildings.