Putea Wharenoho | Accommodation fees

Here you’ll find details on our putea wharenoho | accommodation fees, how we charge your room account, when you should pay, and how you can make payments.

The University of Auckland offers quality accommodation in the heart of Auckland City, at comparable prices to other New Zealand universities – making Auckland an affordable option. Find out more about our costs compared to the rest of the country. 

How do the fees work?

Accommodation fees are calculated for the full period stated in the residential agreement, and include utilities such as water, electricity, and access to University WiFi.

In the catered halls, meals are also included.

Accommodation fees for the term of your residential agreement are charged to your room account in the following way:

  • Advance payment and residential services fee:  These are charged to your account prior to the start of your residential period and payment must be received before you are permitted to check in.
  • Remaining balance: These will be applied to your account fortnightly according to the payment schedules below. You are required to make payment of each fortnightly charge within 7 days of the charged date.
  • Additional charges: It is your responsibility to ensure that any additional charges made to your account due to damages, defaulting on payments, or items purchased through the online shop are paid in full before you check-out.

But what about my deposit?

At the time you accept your residential agreement, you are required to pay $900 to secure your place ($650 accommodation deposit & $250 administration fee*). As the $650 deposit forms part of your overall accommodation fees, this credit will be applied to your room account at the beginning of your residential period, and goes towards your advance payment.

Please note: The period of the residential agreement is fixed. You will be required to pay for the accommodation for the full period you have agreed to even if you arrive later than the start date, or leave prior to the end date.

*The $250 administrative fee is not a part of your overall accommodation total.

How can I pay?

You can pay your accommodation fees in two ways:

  1. Automatic payments via your bank. This is the preferred method of payment. Ensure that you use the first and last fortnightly instalment dates detailed on the table of fees for your residence when setting up your automatic payments through your online banking account or directly with your bank. The account details you will need to set up your fortnightly automatic payment are detailed below.
  2. Online payments via the tomokanga wharenoho | accommodation portal. Once you have logged in, click on your 'My Account' tab in the blue menu bar, and follow the instructions provided. 
    Online payment options include: Visa/Mastercard, Alipay, China UnionPay, Visa/Mastercard Debit Card or A2A | Account 2 Account (ANZ, ASB, BNZ, KiwiBank, TSB & Westpac only)
    PLEASE NOTE: As of January 2020, all credit card and debit card payments will incur a 1.9% Convenience Fee. This will be added automatically when you make your payment. To find out more, visit the Card Payment Convenience Fee webpage.

Bank Transfer details

To pay ‘move in costs, fortnightly payments or lump sum payments via bank transfer please use the details below:

Name of bank: ANZ
Branch: Auckland
Name of account: University of Auckland Accommodation
Account number: 01 1839 0818777 07
Reference: Please provide your student ID number and residence name only as a reference on all bank payments.

For overseas transactions:

ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited
170-186 Featherston Street, Wellington, New Zealand

If a routing number (IBAN) is also required, please use the first 6 digits of our account number: 011839

Please note: we do not take cash or cheque payments for accommodation fees, however if you are in Auckland you are welcome to come into our office to pay your deposit by Eftpos, credit card or UnionPay, provided you are making the payment before your acceptance due date.