Residential rules

These are the rules for all University of Auckland Accommodation

By signing a residential agreement for a university residence, you are agreeing to the terms of the residential rules for that residence for the full residential period.

Halls of Residence

These rules apply to residents of Grafton Hall, Grafton Student Flats (Carlton Pines and 50 & 62 Houses), O'Rorke Hall, University Hall - Towers, Waipārūrū Hall and Waipārūrū - Whitaker Block (Whitaker Hall) only.

Self-Catered Residences

These rules apply to residents of Carlaw Park Student Village, Grafton Student Flats (70 House & 6R Carlton Gore), Goldies Homestead, University Hall - Apartments, Te Tirohanga o te Tōangaroa, 55 Symonds, UniLodge Anzac/Beach, UniLodge Whitaker, and Waikohanga House only.

How do I make a complaint or appeal a decision?

If you wish to make a complaint or seek to appeal the decision relating to your University-owned and operated accommodation, write to: Associate Director for Campus Life (Accommodation)