Budgie Meal

The 'Budgie Meal' is a concept that was first used at the University of Auckland in the early 1990s, offering staff and students on a budget the opportunity to purchase a substantial meal from an array of cuisines across campus. The majority of our retailers now have a Budgie Meal available on their menus. The meals are $7.50 or under and consist of protein, vegetables and carbohydrate.

Outlet   Budgie Meal
  • 10 x mixed vegetable dumplings 
  • 10 x pork and cabbage dumplings

(all options available all the time)

Needo Small pasta bolognese
Ha!Poke Teriyaki chicken or tofu with rice, teriyaki glaze, sesame mayo and sesame seeds
Hello Chinese
  • Vege spring roll with chicken 
  • Corn soup 
  • 2x vege bun & 1x spring roll 

(one option available at a time - check at counter for weekly offering)

Hollywood Bakery                        

Value sandwich and a small hot drink

Jewel of India

Chicken biryani 

Relax Lounge

Bacon and egg sandwich

Shaky Isles Cabinet salad, changes daily

Cabinet salad, changes daily

  • Mushroom carbonara with penne pasta
  • Blue cheese fetucine with baby spinach
  • Chilli beef with spaghetti
  • Vegetable tagine with couscous
  • Mixed bean burrito with sour cream and side salad
  • Thai green vegetable curry with jasmine rice
  • Beef randanf with coconut rice
  • Chefs choice of slab pizza with side salad

(two options available daily - check at counter for weekly offering)

Taco Joint
  • Bean burrito 
  • Cheese nachos 
  • Bean tacos
  • Cheese quesadilla

(all options available all the time)


Half tank-sized Nutra Blast

Uni Sushi
  • Gimbap (korean roll)
  • Ramen noodle soup
  • Chicken katsu box
  • Teriyaki chicken box
  • Pre-packed sushi

(one option available at a time - check at counter for weekly offering)

* These outlets have multiple items on the menu which are classed as Budgie Meals, but change reguarly. Please ask in store for the current offering.