Retail Strategy

Introducing our 10 year programme to improve the retail environment at the University.

The role of retail on campus

Retail stores at the University of Auckland exist to provide relevant, accessible and good value products and services to meet the needs of the University community. We want students and staff to be able to get most of what they need on a daily and weekly basis on campus – both for convenience and to encourage social engagement with peers.

Our retail strategy

We have a 10 year programme to improve the retail environment at the University of Auckland. The programme, called Feed to Succeed, aims to create and deliver a retail experience that stimulates social interaction and consistently satisfies customers by providing sustainable, on-trend, great value retail stores on campus.

Feed to Succeed has three key themes. We plan to:

  1. increase the choices
  2. improve the standard
  3. optimise the locations

Help us to continue improving

We are proud of the Feed to Succeed strategy and committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through the range, convenience and quality of retail stores and services on campus.

To help us continue improving, your feedback and comments are always welcome. Please tell us what you think via the link below, or email