University Council student representative

The student representative ensures the student voice is heard at the University’s highest level of governance.

Junyi is the student representative on the University Council.

2020 Student Representative

Junyi Wang

Johnnie was elected by the student body in early October 2019. His appointment is to be ratified by Council in late October 2019.

Junyi (Johnnie) Wang is a PhD student in Accounting at the Business School. He wants to work to ensure a smart, strong, caring, and impartial voice can be heard by The University of Auckland’s strategical decision-makers.

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Nomination period for 2021

Nominations dates for 2021 will be released in mid-2020.


Nomination information

All students who will be enrolled at the University for the duration of their term in office, are eligible to nominate themselves as a candidate for the Student Representative elections.

Candidates interested in this position are asked to submit a notice of candidacy, in which they will include a statement to demonstrate why they should be elected to the position of Student Representative and how they would contribute to the University in the areas of teaching and research, community understanding, management skills and reflecting the diversity of the community served.

Candidates must not have been employed:

(i)  for a continuous period of more than six months on a full-time basis by the University;

(ii) under terms and conditions of fulltime employment set by the University at any time during the two years preceding the date of the election.

University Council Student Representative

The University recognises the need to hear student opinions at every level in its decision making. The student representative on Council has a crucial role to play in ensuring the student voice is heard at the University’s highest level of governance. This role provides an opportunity to influence key University decisions and have a real input into the direction in which the University is moving.

The student representative is expected to attend all Council meetings (six per year) and will be invited to other University events, which they are encouraged to attend. They are expected to read all of the council papers sent to them, keep up to date with changes and developments within the sector, while also staying aware of current issues within the student body. The student representative will also be a member of the Finance Committee, Honours Committee and Student Appeals Committee.

The role of student representative on Council will provide the individual with an opportunity to develop a range of skills and experience, including strategic thinking, consensus decision making and intellectual ability. They will build networks both internal and external to the University and further their understanding of the University, its responsibilities and challenges.

University Council and its functions

Council is the highest governing body within the University, and is made up of a mix of current staff, students, alumni and external appointees. Council is chaired by the Chancellor of the University. The Education Act 1989 specifies the Council’s functions duties and power, which include:

  • Appointing a Chief Executive (Vice Chancellor)
  • Preparing and Negotiating the University Charter
  • Ensure proper standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest and the well-being of students
  • Acknowledge the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi

For more information on Council, its functions and current members click here.

AUSA elections

The AUSA elections take place at a similar time to the University Council elections. 

AUSA seeks to represent and advocate for students across a wide range of issues, and also delivers a number of events on campus and provides a range of support services for students.  

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