LGBTQITakatāpui+ students and staff network

Academic and professional staff, and any students, who identify as queer or gender-diverse are welcome to attend network meetings.

The Equity Policy highlights the University’s commitment to being safe, inclusive and equitable.

Name change for University’s LGBTI Staff & Student Network

At the April 2019 meeting of the University of Auckland LGBTI Student and Staff Network, members agreed that the Network should now be known as the University of Auckland LGBTQITakatāpui+ Student and Staff Network.

This change reflects a commitment to the diversity of queer and gender-diverse identities and the University’s particular emphasis on promoting Māori presence and participation in all aspects of University life.

The LGBTQITakatāpui+ community includes people who identify as Takatāpui (“Intimate partner of the same sex”), lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, intersex, transsexual, transgender, whakawahine, tangata ira tāne, māhū (Tahiti and Hawaii), vakasalewalewa (Fiji), palopa (Papua New Guinea), fa’afafine (Samoa, American Samoa and Tokelau), akava’ine (Cook Islands), fakaleiti or leiti (the Kingdom of Tonga), or fakafifine (Niue).

It is recognised that community members may use alternative terms to identify themselves and that the terms “Rainbow” and LGBTQITakatāpui+ may be used interchangeably.

LGBTQITakatāpui+ network and visibility on campus

The LGBTQITakatāpui+ student and staff network provides:

  • opportunities to meet
  • information about services, news and events
  • a voice for LGBTQITakatāpui+  students and staff
  • a central record of  LGBTQITakatāpui+ issues and activities across the University.

The University’s  LGBTQITakatāpui+ network sticker emphasises our commitment to a safe and inclusive teaching and learning environment.

If you would like to join the network or request a sticker please email Terry O'Neill ( or phone ext 88211.

LGBTQITakatāpui+ network dates 2021

Please note that LGBTQITakatāpui+ network meetings are open to students and staff. We welcome newcomers and encourage you to bring along anyone who is interested in Rainbow issues across the University.

All meetings are held from 1.30pm until 3.00pm in the Great
Hall, Clock Tower, 22 Princes Street (105-101) - unless moved to Zoom as a result of a change in alert levels.

  • Thursday 8 April
  • Wednesday 16 June
  • Thursday 7 October

First Rainbow Network meeting minutes

Resources for LGBTQITakatāpui+ events

If you are organising a University Rainbow event or stall, these resources are available for your use:

  • 2 x ‘Celebrate LGBTI’ outdoor 3m teardrop flags and base plates
  • 2 x three meter banners as seen at Pride Parade with side poles
  • LGBTI Network flyers
  • LGBTI Network stickers

Email to find out more.

The two LGBTI stickers available from the Equity Office. To request stickers contact
The two LGBTI stickers available by contacting the Equity Office


  • News for and about LGBTQITakatāpui+students

Useful links


Terry O'Neill
Phone: 09 373 7599 ext 88211