About Maclaurin Chaplaincy

Find out about the chapel, its ordained minister and Christian groups.

The chaplaincy is a part of Campus Life. The buildings are maintained by the University and the Secretary is appointed and paid by Campus Life.

Chaplain and ministry

The chaplaincy exists to enrich the life of the University and its community for the common good and integrity of creation. In partnership with Campus Life, the chaplaincy is financially supported by the Maclaurin Goodfellow Trust Board.

The chaplain represents and fosters Christian spirituality, whilst working alongside other faiths.There are many ethical issues that arise in University life and the Chaplain is well placed to help with these issues. Students often face stressful situations and academic pressures which are hard to deal with. The chaplaincy is an effective place to find help with these things.

Overseas students will find support here as well as in other parts of Campus Life.The Maclaurin Chaplain works as part of a team of chaplains. The administrator will be able to direct inquirers to the appropriate chaplaincy. The Roman Catholic Chaplains work from Newman Hall and the International Chaplains can be contacted through the administrator.

Reverend Carolyn Kelly

Reverend Carolyn Kelly

Carolyn is an ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church (PCANZ). She comes to tertiary chaplaincy after involvement in secondary education, student work, parenting, and postgraduate theological study. Her academic interests include theology, the arts, and exploring faith and embodiment in late-modern Western societies.

She holds degrees from – and is a graduate of – the Universities of Auckland, Otago, and Aberdeen.

Carolyn is married with three young adult children and lives in central Auckland.

Christian groups

There are many Christian groups on the campus, and members often meet in the Chapel or Hall in an informal way. Club information can be found on the University's Clubs and Societies webpage.

Some Christian clubs who regularly meet at the Chapel are:

Catholic chaplain

The Catholic chaplain is Fr Bernie Thomas. He is stationed at Newman Hall, 16 Waterloo Quadrant. Bernie is assisted in this ministry by three lay-chaplain, Olivia Watson, Dominic Malgeri, and Holly Roughton. Our ministry is to students and staff of The University of Auckland.

Catholic worship

Newman Hall - Eucharist (Mass) times

  • Tuesday 12.10pm (free lunch served after Tuesday Mass)
  • Friday 12.10pm
  • Adoration 11:30am each day.

Sacrament of Reconciliation is half an hour before Mass, or just talk with Fr Bernie and arrange a suitable time. Bernie is on campus Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

For more information, please contact:

Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy
Newman Hall
16 Waterloo Quadrant.