Academic Integrity Management System (AIMS)

The University's central system for incidents relating to student academic integrity.

AIMS is the Academic Integrity Management System.  It is the University system used to manage allegations of student academic misconduct or poor academic practice, and replaces the previous Register of Academic Misconduct (RAM). 

Access to the system is managed in the Academic Quality Office. Authorised users can access the Academic Integrity Management System.

How are incidents submitted?

Anyone can report a breach of academic integrity in coursework or exams via the Academic Integrity Breach Reporting Form.
For coursework cases detected by teaching staff:
  1. The Course Director and/or Academic Integrity Adviser are encouraged to inform students of the allegation via email, and then interview them about suspected PAP or misconduct. An email template and guidance on how to conduct interviews are below. 
  2. Following this, they must report the breach using the Academic Integrity Breach Reporting Form. This feeds the breach into the Academic Integrity Management System (AIMS), where all breaches of academic integrity are managed centrally by the Academic Quality Office.

Incidents in exams are managed centrally by the Assessment Services Office, while incidents in coursework are co-ordinated by the Academic Quality Office, with the input of faculty staff. All instances of academic misconduct are recorded in line with our Student Academic Conduct Statute (2021).

See the flow chart below for a more detailed outline of the process.

Resources for staff using AIMS

Access the guides relevant to your role below to help you get started using AIMS.

Course Directors and other academic staff

Using the Academic Integrity Breach Reporting Form (video):

Academic Integrity Adviser Tasks

Providing input into decisions (video):

Approver Tasks (Academic Heads/Associate Deans/AIAs with delegated authority)

Approving Minor Misconduct Decisions (video):

Approving escalation of Major misconduct decisions (video):

Reviewer Tasks (Academic Heads/Discipline Committee)

Reviewing PAP, Minor and Category 1 misconduct decisions (video):

Assessment Services Tasks

Discipline Committee Tasks

Further help

For queries regarding access to the system, please contact:

Academic Quality Office