National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards

26 national awards have been won by our teachers.

Introduced by the government in 2001, the Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards are nationally contested annual awards, giving recognition to outstanding tertiary teachers.

There are up to 12 awards of $20,000 each, two of which recognise sustained excellence in teaching in a kaupapa Māori context. The winner of the Prime Minister's Supreme Award is chosen from among the 12 recipients, and receives an additional $10,000.

2017 national award winner

Congratulations to Associate Professor Jay Marlowe from the Faculty of Education and Social Work who received a national Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award in the 2017 round.

Associate Professor Jay Marlowe, 2017 national award winner
Associate Professor Jay Marlowe, 2017 national award winner

Jay joined the University in 2010 and has developed a track record in preparing students for sound professional social work practice in the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Jay’s contribution is in scaffolding students’ understanding of important social issues (including migration, addiction, mental health, and poverty) which are often grounded in uncritical assumptions. By connecting students to people’s life stories, Jay is particularly effective in providing students with a gateway to social work education and the possibilities of anti-discriminatory and culturally responsive practice.

Jay is the designer and co-ordinator of courses on working with loss and grief, youth justice, addiction, and migration, which achieve consistently high student ratings. Jay is highly valued by students for his innovative teaching style, commitment to experiential learning, constructive feedback and supervisory support. Within the University Jay has assumed a leadership role in advocating for the recognition of students from refugee backgrounds as a University equity group. He has been a board member of the Auckland Refugee Community Coalition, advancing capacities and educational opportunities for numerous refugee-background communities.


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