2015 winners

Congratulations to our 2015 winners

Doctoral Winner

Ian Randall, Faculty of Arts

Doctoral Runner-up

Jasmine Plows, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Masters Winner

Sehar Moughal, Faculty of Science

Masters Runner-up

Jean Allen, Faculty of Education and Social Work

People’s Choice Award

Mohamed Alansari, Faculty of Education and Social Work

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Finalists FLTR: Dr Marek Tesar (Judge), Dr Jan Cronin (Judge), Ian Randall (Doctoral Winner), Jean Allen (Masters Runner-up), Rebecca Lehrke, Andy Wang, Jasmine Plows (Doctoral Runner-up), Brendan Swan, Grace Gong, Sehar Moughal (Masters Winner), Mohamed Alansari (People's Choice Winner), Kerry Boyde-Preece and Lawrence Xu (Judge)

2015 3 Minute Thesis finalists

Finalists in order of appearance.

Masters finalists:             

Sehar Moughal
Faculty of Science
Title: Increasing social connections for young migrant women in the NZ community using video self modeling
Watch Sehar Moughal's presentation on YouTube

Rebecca Lehrke
Faculty of Science
Title: Assessing the efficacy of disturbance-based management of black swans at the Auckland Airport
Watch Rebecca Lehrke's presentation on YouTube

Jean Allen
Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: Who represents the Southside?
Watch Jean Allen's presentation on YouTube

Kerry Boyde-Preece
Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: Bring Your Own Distraction
Watch Kerry Boyde-Preece's presentation on YouTube                        

Doctoral finalists

Brendan Swan
Faculty of Science
Title: Investigating the Genetics of Autism in New Zealand
Watch Brendan Swan's presentation on YouTube

Xindi (Andy) Wang
Faculty of Science
Title: Time resolved Resonance Raman spectroscopy of Aryl Diphosphenes
Watch Andy Wang's presentation on YouTube

Jasmine Plows
Liggins Institute (FMHS)
Title: Breaking the cycle: how taking a nutritional supplement during pregnancy could help to curb the obesity epidemic.
Watch Jasmine Plows' presentation on YouTube

Grace Gong
Title: Targeting PI3Kα to Combat Cancer

Ian Randall
Faculty of Arts
Title: Reporting palaeontology: its relationship with, and representation in, print news media
Watch Ian Randall's presentation on YouTube

Mohamed Alansari
Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: From the ideal to the dreaded: University learning environments
Watch Mohamed Alansari's presentation on YouTube