Winners archive

A record of Three Minute Thesis winners from 2010 to today.


Doctoral Winner: Morgane Merien | Biological Sciences | Ecology and diversity of camouflage in New Zealand stick insects

Doctoral Runner-Up: James Hucklesby | Biological Sciences | From stem cells to strokes: Culturing intimate associations

Masters Winner: Erin Thomas | Development Studies | Gender-based Violence in Niue: Family-tree Mapping

Masters Runner-Up: Angus Dowell | Environment | Constructing a Regenerative Economy: Responses along the supply chain

People's Choice Award: Laura Pedofsky | Auckland Bioengineering Institute | Urine luck! Leaking is not an option


Doctoral Winner and People's Choice Winner: Yi-Han Wu | Auckland Bioengineering Institute | Recreating the tissue and cell damage after traumatic brain injury in vitro and in silico

Doctoral Runner-Up: James Hucklesby | Biological Sciences | Stroke Busters: How does plasmin protect your brain?

Masters Winner: Pransh Rana | Engineering | Indoor timber stock taking with multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Masters Runner-Up: Mallory Sea | Marine Science | Denitrification Rates in Restored Mussel Beds of the Hauraki Gulf


Doctoral Winner: Celia Keane | Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences | Low Anterior Resection Syndrome (LARS)

Doctoral Runner-up: Matheu Broom | Faculty of Science | Drip, drip, splash. How to control water droplets with surface patterning

Masters Winner: Georgia Watson | Faculty of Science | UnPACking Migraine: Understanding Ligand-Receptor Interactions Involved in Migraine

Masters Runner-up: Su Mukund | Faculty of Education and Social Work | Factors that influence science and non-science option choices in Year 13 at NZ secondary schools: Student voices

People’s Choice Award: Nurul Haiza “Zaza” Sapiee | Faculty of Engineering | Bridging the Gap: Structural Integration in the Spine

Georgia Watson went on to win second place at the Masters Inter-University 3MTⓇ Challenge.



Doctoral Winner and People's Choice Winner: Kate Riegle van West | Faculty of Creative Arts & Industries | The effects of International Poi on cognitive and physical function in healthy older adults

Doctoral Runner-Up: Sam Hitchman | Faculty of Science| Laser generated quakes: from Earth to apples

Masters Winner: Sobia Mughal | Business School | Sharing economy: Why consumers become suppliers

Masters Runner-up: Robert Vennell | Faculty of Science | A Damage Function for Wild Pig Rooting in New Zealand Forests

Kate Riegle van West went on to win the U21 3MT® Virtual Competition in 2016.


Doctoral Winner: Ian Randall | Faculty of Arts | Reporting palaeontology: its relationship with, and representation in, print news media

Doctoral Runner-Up: Jasmine Plows | Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences | Breaking the cycle: how taking a nutritional supplement during pregnancy could help to curb the obesity epidemic

Masters Winner: Sehar Moughal | Faculty of Science | Increasing social connections for young migrant women in the NZ community using video self modeling

Masters Runner-Up: Jean Allen | Faculty of Education and Social Work | Who represents the Southside?

People's Choice Award: Mohamed Alansari | Faculty of Education and Social Work | From the ideal to the dreaded: University learning environments


First place: Lawrence Xu | Faculty of Arts | Heroes of Might and Magic - The Epic-ness of Demotic Stories

Second place: Lauren Donnan (nee Hitchin) | Faculty of Education | Researching an invisible population: Being a young carer in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Third place: Cory Toth | Faculty of Science | Sexy males in bat-chelor pads: Lek breeding in Lesser Short-tailed Bats


First place: Lily Chang | Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences | An "eye" on Alzheimer’s disease

Second place: Sachini Jayaratne | Department of Physiology | We are what mum eats: a link between maternal nutrition and eye health

Third place: Cory Toth | School of Biological Sciences | We are what mum eats: a link between maternal nutrition and eye health



First prize: Ankita Umapathy | Faculty of Science | Antioxidant strategies to prevent eye disease: is the lens a glutathione reservoir?

Second prize: Peng Du | Faculty of Engineering | The Cell Network That Powers Gut Contractions

Third prize: Melanie Drake | Faculty of Education | Post-apartheid promises?


First prize: Lena Kelly | Civil Engineering | Bridge Scour

Second prize: Lyndon Burford | Political Science | Global Nuclear Disarmament in Three Minutes

Third prize: Ashley Young | Chemical and Materials Engineering | First Bite to Swallow: The "Life" of a Bolus