Staying well

Your mental and emotional wellness is just as important as your physical health.

A doctoral degree is a high-pressure undertaking. As you progress, you may experience stress, loneliness, negative self-talk and other challenges. It is important to ensure that you develop the skills you need to move through any difficult times and come out thriving.

Here are have put together some useful resources to help you stay level, resilient and well. We know that everyone will have different ways to maintain balance, and encourage you to pursue what works for you.

Staying healthy

Maintaining a holistic view of health means looking after both your body and your brain. An article by Dr David Moreau breaks this challenge down into five simple suggestions:

  • Challenge yourself: Keep your mind engaged and active with interesting and challenging activities.
  • Exercise: Get active – looking after your body is one of the best ways to look after your brain.
  • Reduce stress: Give yourself space to do what you want to do rather than forcing yourself to do what you think you should do. You are allowed to relax.
  • Stay social: Keep in touch with family and friends. A video call with people who are important to you can go a long way to helping you feel connected.
  • Keep healthy: Sleep lots, eat well and enjoy fresh air regularly.

Read the full article: Healthy brains in isolated times.

Exercise at home

Can't get to the gym? Stay active with the Rec Centre's free pre-recorded classes. Find short, managable sessions for yoga, core, HIIT, barre and more online at Pre-recorded classes.

Being mindful

Mindfulness is being in the moment without judgment. It is reported to lower stress, improve performance and help people manage unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.

Find out how to incorporate simple mindfulness activities into your day, here: Easy ways to practice mindfulness.

Other useful resources