Working from home

Occasionally working from home can be a refreshing change from your usual context. But having no other choice can be much more difficult - especially when you don't know when it will end.

We've put together the following tips to help those seeking ways to stay productive and well when working from home.

Setting up your workstation

For guidance on how to set up a healthy and comfortable workstation, see Making a home workstation comfortable.

Our advice

Distance, don’t isolate

Keep in touch with your supervisor, colleagues, friends and family. A video call with people who are important to you can go a long way to helping you feel connected and keeping you level.

Dress for success

It may not be possible to work in a different room to the one you sleep in, but getting changed into “work clothes” each day can help you focus and stay productive during work time - and help you to relax when you’re back in your PJs once the work day is done.

Commute if you can

A (socially distanced) walk, run or cycle before and after work isn’t just an enjoyable way to start and end the day. It also keeps you moving and reinforces that important separation between work time and personal time.

Make it routine

Working to a routine can help you be productive and separate personal time from work time. It’s a good idea to keep to a set time to start work, take regular breaks, and keep to a strict finishing time. There’s nothing like a deadline to help you stay motivated - but you have to stick to it!

Reward yourself

Rewards can be a great incentive to stay productive. Consider setting yourself up with a little something special when you achieve important milestones. Need examples? How about a cup of tea after writing 500 words, or a walk after reading an article.

Make mental space

Breakthrough thoughts can happen when you’re doing mundane tasks. Make some mental space for creative connections by doing things like weeding the garden or cleaning the fridge. Once you relax into it, surprising ideas may come up.

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