Masters and other postgraduate forms

The following forms can now be found, here: Forms for students.

  • AS-501 Application for Senate Approval of Readmission
  • AS-502 Application for Senate Approval of Suspension from Enrolment
  • AS-503 Application for Senate Approval of Extension of Time

GC-512R and GC-512T forms

Please note that ownership of the GC-512R and GC-512T forms (used for submission of grades for sub-doctoral research) has moved to Academic Services.

These forms have been renamed AS-512R and AS-512T and are below.

For all* theses, research portfolios, dissertations and research projects of 30 points or above, use either:

*The exception is masters theses/research portfolios with an original submission date (excluding any period of suspension) prior to 1 May 2013, where the enrolment beyond 31 December 2013 has not included a fee-paying extension: these rare cases will still be examined under the 2012 Instructions to Examiners and Assessors (two examiners, one assessor), and should use the GC-512 Masters Degrees forms.