Forms for students

This page has a collection of useful forms that cover:

  • Examinations
  • Enrolments
  • Programme maintenance
  • Graduation
  • Postgraduate study

Assessment Services forms (formerly known as the Examinations Office)

These forms relate to your end-of-semester examinations.

Application for exam recount

To request a careful recheck of the marks recorded on your exam script, you can apply for an exam recount. Applications are open for only a short period after the exams period.

For a list of the application deadlines, please visit Exam recounts.

Aegrotats and compassionate considerations

If your performance in your end-of-semester exams has been affected by circumstances outside of your control, you can apply for an aegrotat or compassionate consideration. 

Before you apply, we strongly recommend you visit the Aegrotats and Compassionate Consideration page.

Application to sit your examination outside of the University of Auckland

You can apply to sit your exam at a location outside of the University of Auckland's campuses. To submit your application, you can submit one of the AS-27 forms. 

Please note: 

  • You should only submit an application if you're experiencing exceptional circumstances
  • Your application will be assessed under strict criteria

Applications to sit your examination at another time

You can apply to sit your exam at a different time than what is scheduled on your exam timetable by completing either the: 

  • AS-28 Request to sit an examination out of time
  • AS-33 Request to sit examinations out of time for religious reasons

In addition to completing one of these forms, you must also submit an AS-31 Declaration for students sitting examinations out of time. This declaraction must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent. 

Change of name

If you have recently changed your legal name, you can request for your name to be updated on the University's system. You can change your name by submitting the Change of name form.

Please note, this is different from changing your preferred name. 

For more information, please see Changing your name on your University record.

External credit transfer and credit approval forms

If you want to apply to transfer credit from external study to your University of Auckland programme, you can complete either the: 

  • External Credit Transfer Application Form - Prior Study (AS-14)
  • External Credit Transfer Application Form - Future Study (AS-15)

To find out which form is best for the studies you want to credit, please visit External transfer of credit.

Graduation forms

These forms relate to the issue of degree and non-degree certificates.

Requesting a replacement certificate

If your degree or diploma certificate is damaged or lost, you can request a replacement to be made and sent to you. To do this, you can submit the Request for replacement of degree or diploma certificate form (AS-39a).

You will also need to include a completed statutory declaration. The statutory declaration must be completed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or an equivalent. 

For more information, please check out Copies of an original degree certificate.

Requesting certificate for a non-degree or non-diploma programme

If you have completed a non-degree or non-diploma programme, you can request your graduation certificate by completing a Certificate issue request (for Certificate-level qualifications) (AS-39b).

For more information, please see Graduation certificate issue for a non-degree or non-diploma programme.

Requesting your certificate to be delivered

If you have graduated from your programme in absentia, you must submit the Request for courier delivery of certificate (AS-39c) form to have your certificate delivered to you. 

Records forms

These forms relate to the maintenance of the programme that you are studying at the University of Auckland.

Internal credit

If you want a course you have previously completed as part of one University of Auckland programme* to be credited to the University of Auckland programme you are now studying, you can complete the Application for internal credit of University of Auckland courses (AS-22) form. 

*This programme needs to be complete or almost complete.

For more information, please visit Internal credit.

Reassign courses

You can request to have courses from one incomplete University of Auckland programme to another incomplete programme.* To do this, you can complete the Application to reassign courses (AS-34). 

For more information about this process, please see Reassigning courses.

*This process only applies when reassigning courses from one University of Auckland programme to another Univesrity of Auckland programme.

Special statements

If you have a form or section of a form from another organisation that must be completed by the University of Auckland, you can make a special statement request. 

For more information about the process, please see Getting a special statement form completed.

Forms related to your enrolments

Withdrawing from courses

If you want to to withdraw your enrolment, you can submit the Course withdrawal form (AS-70b) if you it is:

  • After the enrolment deadline AND
  • Before the deadline to withdraw

For more information about deadlines, please see Changing your enrolment.

Late deletions

If you're unable to continue your current studies due to exceptional circumstances, you may be able to apply for a late deletion. To do this, you can complete the Late application to delete course form (AS-47). 

For more information about deadlines, please see Changing your enrolment

Reconsideration of academic standing - Academic Restriction

We recognise that you may have experienced exceptional circumstances that affected your ability to do as well as you would have hoped in your studies and affected your academic standing. 

If your academic standing is Academic Restriction, you can submit an application to have your academic standing reconsidered.

Changes to your cohort enrolment

Once you have enrolled into your cohort option it will not be possible to make changes to your enrolments unless there are extenuating circumstances that require you to change.  If you do need to change your cohort enrolment option due to extenuating circumstances, please complete the Changes to your cohort option form.

Completing this form does not guarantee a change will be approved.

Postgraduate forms

Doctoral students

Doctoral students have different processes from other postgraduate students. For more information about what to do if you're a doctoral students, please check out Doctoral forms.

Postgraduate forms, excluding doctoral students

There are some additional forms than the ones listed on this page which as a postgraduate student might need to use. For further details, please check out Masters and other postgraduate forms

Applying for ethics

During your studies, you may need to complete ethics applications to conduct your research. For more information, please check out Ethics applications.

Senate approval for readmission

If you're a postgraduate student* you can apply to be readmitted into your programme. You can do this by completing the Application for Senate approval of readmissions (AS-501) form.

*Excluding doctoral students.

Senate approval for suspension of enrolment

We recognise that during your postgraduate studies, you may experience things that are outside of your control that affects your ability to complete your studies. This excludes doctoral students.

For more information, please see Suspending study of a postgraduate programme (excluding doctoral).

Senate approval for extension of time for submission of postgraduate research component

An extension of time meants that you are asking for additional time to complete your research component beyond the expected submission date due to exceptional circumstances.

For more information, please see Extension of time: research component submission.

Senate approval for extension to complete postgraduate programme

An extension means that you are asking for additional time to complete your postgraduate studies beyond the maximum time limit due to exceptional circumstances. 

For more information, please see Extension of time of a postgraduate programme.