Academic Career Advancement Programme

The Academic Career Advancement Programme (ACAP) gives mid-phase doctoral candidates a head start in their academic future.

The ACAP (formally DALI) presents a series of regular seminars over two semesters, with a focus on careers in academia, teaching, and research.

Candidates are subject to a competitive selection process where priority is given to mid-phase doctoral students who have completed their provisional goals, though, due to the high proportion of applications, meeting this criteria does not guarantee you a place.

Tuition is funded by the Academic Career Advancement Award. Please note that your supervisor will need to endorse your application and will be notified when you apply for the programme through the Scholarships Office.

Candidates apply for ACAP by submitting an application for the Academic Career Advancement Award only - there are no additional applications to complete. Applications for 2021 are open from 26 August to 16 October; the programme begins at the start of the 2021 academic year.

Apply by 16 October 2020 via the button below.

The structure of the programme

The ACAP has three major elements:

Orientation day is an opportunity for participants to get know each other; held during Orientation Week, it provides an introduction to academic careers and prepares participants for their role in the regular seminars.

Presentation skills workshop - In this intensive full-day workshop you will get critical feedback on your presentation style from an expert in the field and from your peers.

Regular seminars cover key aspects to prepare participants for an academic career covering topic areas highlighting leadership in academia, research, teaching and professionalism.

Dates and location

2021 dates

Semester 1: Monday 01 March – Friday 04 June (Break: Friday 02 April – Friday 16 April)

Semester 2: Monday 19 July – Friday 22 October (Break: 2 Mon 30 Aug – Friday 10 Sept)

Seminars are held on alternate Wednesdays between 1 - 4pm at:

Level 2 Fisher Building
18 Waterloo Quadrant
City Campus

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Semester One seminars

Careers in academia

Becoming an academic

A broad picture of academic life: research, teaching and service.

Academic citizenship
Understanding the university as an organisation and the key policies that impact on research and teaching.

Scholarship of teaching and learning
Outline recent research literature in the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Research profile

Strategies for developing a long-term research plan for a career and contributing to the research environment.

Publishing books and articles 
The variety of publications with a focus on writing articles for journals.

Broader dissemination
The ways in which researchers can contribute to the academic conversation, network, and present at international forums.

Semester Two seminars


Teaching performance

The performance element of teaching and discussion of small group and large group teaching.

Reflective practice / creating a teaching profile
Teaching evaluation, effective methods, and ideas of reflective practice in teaching.

Innovation in teaching
Investigation of innovative teaching practices in relation to how students are currently learning and future learning.

Designing a course
A focus on essential aspects of planning to ensure course outcomes are met.


Career Planning

A focus on engagement and goal setting for participants.

Future mapping: becoming leaders
(includes graduation ceremony)
What it means to be an academic in the 21st century.

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