Student travel checklist

Traveller checklist for University student activity travel.

This checklist is for students travelling on self-funded international activities. If your travel is funded by the University, please refer to the staff intranet page, Traveller Checklist for University travel.

  • Read and adhere to the Travel Policy, the University Student Activity Travel Procedures and for staff and PhD students, the Field Activity Standard and related Guidance.
  • Register on Via TRM and apply to the relevant Via TRM Programme or contact 360 International to be registered to an appropriate travel plan.
  • Research the travel risk of your destination on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT) Safetravel site.
  • If you intend to travel to any destinations, including transit locations, which are listed as having an "avoid non-essential” travel or “do not travel” status by MFAT, complete the High Risk Travel Authorisation Form and receive clearance through the Risk Office.
  • Students are encouraged to use the University’s preferred TMC, Orbit, at or their leisure travel agency, House of Travel Parnell at This will enable automatic uploading of your itineraries in the traveller tracking system. For PhD students and staff, more information is available at Orbit.
  • Ensure you are eligible for travel insurance, or that you have purchased appropriate international travel insurance (Example of a comprehensive travel insurance policy).
  • Travel with a copy of the insurance certificate/policy with the emergency assistance contact number. If you are eligible for University-provided insurance, the Travel Insurance Certificate of Insurance is available on Guidelines for students travelling overseas.
  • Register your details on the MFAT Safetravel website or your country of nationality’s equivalent if you are not a New Zealand citizen or resident.
  • Complete a student international travel details form with your full travel itinerary through your Via TRM dashboard (if committed to a Via TRM programme) or through the link provided by 360 International (if registered to a Via TRM Travel Plan).
  • Install the Travel Oracle app – this app provides travel risk advice by destination and 24/7 emergency assistance info for students travelling on University-provided insurance.
  • Be aware of the risks involved specific to the country you are travelling to and take appropriate precautions, including any necessary vaccinations.
    Some resources for travel risk information are:
  • Make sure your contact details and emergency contacts are updated on Student Services Online, see How to update your personal and address details.
  • Should an incident happen while travelling, remember to check-in with your family and the University and respond to any messages from the emergency assistance provider.