Campus Card terms and conditions


The University aims to provide a safe and secure environment, where affiliated parties can be easily and quickly identified. The Campus Card has been designed to provide a single, centrally managed, multi-purpose identity (ID) card that serves as both a form of University identification and credential for interaction with the University.

Terms and conditions

  1. Campus Cards must only be issued once a valid affiliation has been confirmed via enrolment or Human Resources.
  2. The front of the Campus Card must contain the card holders name (preferred first name if one is present), photograph, affiliation with the University and ID number.
  3. The photograph provided for a Campus Card must not be more than two years old at the time of printing.
  4. The back of the Campus Card must contain the card holder’s legal name, barcode number, magnetic stripe and brief terms of use, date of issuance and date of expiry.
  5. The Campus Card remains the property of the University and expires when the card holder is no longer affiliated with the University.
  6. The first Campus Card issued for each card holder will not incur any charge.
  7. Staff member and Contractor Campus Cards are to be issued at the time of hiring and are arranged via the hiring manager.
  8. Cards for staff members must be collected by the manager/supervisor and returned to the Campus Card Office when employment with the University is terminated.
  9. If collection of the card is not possible, the manager/supervisor must contact the Campus Card Office to notify them.
  10. The Campus Card must be presented upon request by a University official.
  11. University personnel may request additional identification to ensure that a Campus Card belongs to the individual presenting the card.
  12. A Campus Card is for the exclusive use of the individual to whom it was issued. Cards must not be loaned or given to anyone else at any time.
  13. The card must not be accepted if the photo on the card does not resemble the individual presenting the card.
  14. In cases of misuse the Campus Card Office must be notified and use of the card will then be suspended.
  15. Card holders are responsible for any activity, service or privilege, associated with their card if it was loaned or given to another person.
  16. Any lost or stolen Campus Card must be reported to the University immediately via the Student Information Centre or the Student Contact Centre on (09) 373 7599.
  17. Tampering with a Campus Card, a card reader, data line, or any related equipment, may subject the card holder to disciplinary procedures.

Note - if you witness misuse of a card or card reader, please call the University of Auckland Contact Centre on (09) 373 7599