Important News


In response to COVID-19 a number of software vendors have temporarily relaxed their licensing to allow University of Auckland students and staff to be able to install and use software on their personally-owned computers.

Note that this is a temporary offering and the software will stop working after the expiry date, but it will offer you the best application experience. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Free installation and use of all of Creative Cloud until 6 July 2020 or a date at Adobe's discretion. Information on the offering.

Important: To get this offering, you have to login to the Adobe website with your account otherwise it will try and sell you the software.  

Available to: All staff and students

Software expires: 6 July 2020


Installation instructions


Rockwell Arena is used in Engineering.  Arena will be supplying licenses that expire at their discretion but should cover remotely working during COVID-19.

Available to: students

Software expires: At Rockwell's discretion


To obtain a license you need to email Rockwell directly by sending an email to from your email account.

You will need to provide:

- Name of their university
- Course Name
- Professor’s name
- Student’s name
- Student’s contact phone number

Autodesk Suite

Autodesk offers free 1 year licenses to all students for their products, including AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Maya, Fusion 360, Mudbox and other applications. This is a standard offering, not just related to COVID-19

Available to: students only

Software expires: 12 months


Instruction Guide

Final Draft

Final Draft are offering an 18 week free trial of their screen writing software for students only. This is for installation on a single, personally owned device.

Available to: students only

Software expires: 18 weeks after trial start


Enrol for the trial on the Final Draft website


FoodWorks version 10 for Windows is available till 18 June 2020. If you are a Mac user at require FoodWorks then please access it using FlexIT.

Available to:  All staff and students

Software expires: 18 June 2020


1. Download from the Xyris website

2. After installing FoodWorks, insert this product key: X3EZ-7GBG-KYGF-JCRF-8QPQ

Graphpad Prism

Prism offers a 30 day fully-functional trial which may be extended at Graphpad's discretion. 

Available to: All staff and students

Software expires: 30 days after installation


Download from the Graphpad website

Logic Pro X (Apple Mac only)

A 90 day trial for Apple's musical production software can now be downloaded by staff and students.

Available to: Everyone

Software expires: 90 days after installation


1. Check the specifications here:

2. Download and install from the Apple website:


A work-at-home license is available for all students

Available to: Students

Software expires: No expiry - must be uninstalled once you stop being a student of the University



SPSS fully-functional trial available till 15 June 2020. The trial has the same functionality as SPSS used in the University labs.

Available to: All staff and students

Software expires: 15 June 2020


Instruction guide