Benefits of a global internship

The world is your oyster with global internships.

Why do an internship overseas?

Your future in the workplace could include interactions with people from other countries, so employers may be looking for experience abroad. By seeking out experiences that build your cultural awareness, confidence, and creativity, you’ll set yourself up to thrive and become a more well-rounded, flexible and independent person in the process.

Spending time overseas will also open your eyes to the unique qualities of other cultures, especially as you build new friendships and immerse yourself. Learning a new language is both a bonus that will allow you to feel truly connected to the country where you work, and open doors in the future.

Finding a global internship

  • Check out MyCDES+ job board.
  • Apply for a Prime Minister’s Scholarship - this fully covers the costs of some global internships. Check with CDES for more information on these: sometimes the University receives a certain number of scholarships and seeks applications from students, but you can also apply directly yourself. 
  • Check out 360 International Virtual Programmes. These virtual programmes allow students to engage and collaborate with others from around the world and develop vital skills for employability, all while gaining an international learning experience.
  • Work with a third-party internship provider. Many organisations offer internship packages that you can pay to participate in, but you want to maximise your experience. Work with CDES to find a reputable organisation and an internship that will be both challenging and valuable.

Applications: Every organisation’s application process is slightly different. Usually, you will submit your application to them directly, so look at their instructions closely.

Payment: Most third-party organisations offer unpaid internships that you pay to participate in.

Duration: Typically, overseas internships are 4-8 weeks long.

Things to consider

  • Visas and travel: To work legally in another country, you will need an active passport and a correct, valid visa. Many countries offer special considerations for students, like one-year working holiday visas, or visas that allow you to both work and study.
  • Language: If you are traveling to a country with a different primary language than your own, do your research. Many large organisations conduct business in English, but you may be required to show proficiency in another as well.
  • Health and safety: Every country’s healthcare regulations are different, so it’s important to acquaint yourself with the systems in the place where you’ll be working. Make sure you have travel insurance that will cover you in case of an accident or illness while overseas.
  • Accommodation: Some internships abroad may provide housing to students, but you may be required to find your own place to stay. Living with a local host family is a way to immerse yourself in the culture and language of new country, and maybe even make lifelong friendships!
  • Finances: Call your bank before you leave to enable overseas transactions on your account. If you’re being paid for your work overseas, you will likely need to open a local bank account as well. 

Maximise your experience

Before you embark on your overseas experience, contact CDES. We will work with you to prepare for your time abroad and ensure you get the most out of your internship.

While you’re away, use the Workplace Diary (you will need to log into MyCDES to download it) to keep track of your experience, record any questions and contact information for people you meet through your new networks.

When you return, set up a meeting with the team at CDES. We would love to hear about your time abroad and help you incorporate things you’ve learned into future internships or workplace experiences.

Student success stories

Want to find out what it is like to go on an overseas internship? Check out the blog entries written by our students Scott SauseElise Dalrymple-Keast, Maral Ghamkhar and others during and after their internship experiences around the world.