Meet the team

Learn more about the people working to make our campuses healthier places for the University community.

What the Student Wellbeing Team do

The Student Wellbeing Team work behind the scenes to support student wellbeing by educating and collaborating with staff and students.

The team's focus is on proactive and preventative measures that promote health, reduce stress and enhance a sense of community and belonging here at the University.

The team looks to achieve these goals by:

  • Raising awareness through educational campaigns and resource materials that highlight important student and life-related matters.
  • Partnering with students to better understand their needs in communal spaces, ammenities and the wider University environment.
  • Working collaboratively with staff across all faculties and departments to act on recommendations and needs put forward by students.
  • Working with staff and students to better understand the academic environment, and to make recommendations on how to improve student wellbeing in this space.

Who the Student Wellbeing Team are

Anne-Marie Parsons - Associate Director Campus Life, Student Engagement and Support

Anne-Marie is responsible for providing opportunities for students to become more engaged with the University. This includes responsibility for leadership development, student volunteering, and facilitating student clubs and associations.  Anne-Marie also has responsibility for the operational performance of the Health and Counselling Service, student wellbeing and the University’s Early Childhood Education centres.

Liz Hosking - Manager: Oranga Tauira | Student Wellbeing

Liz comes from a mental health nursing background and has specialised in child and youth mental health. She has worked across public, private and the NGO sector. As manager, she steers the team's key initiatives, while also cementing relationships across the University to ensure there's an increased awareness around the wellbeing needs of students.

Carley Fletcher - Health Promotion Advisor

As a Health Promotion Advisor, Carley’s goal is to provide accessible tools which enable students to make informed, healthy choices in relation to their wellbeing. She works in partnership with Faculties, students and service providers to develop campaigns, training opportunities, projects and events within the student wellbeing space. Carley was trained as a midwife and has a background in student engagement and support.