Trainings and workshops

The Whai Hauora | Be Well team host a range of trainings and workshops throughout the year. Check them out below!

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Students must register for a training via the Engage platform. Once logged into their account students can type ‘Be Well’ into the search bar, and self-select the training date and time that best fits their schedule.

Alternatively, students and staff can email to organise a workshop for their club or team.

Addressing Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination on campus

The University aims to be a safe, inclusive and equitable environment and is seeking to eliminate unfair bullying, harassment and discrimination (BHD). To do so, our university community must be able to recognise and respond to instances of BHD. 

In the Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination trainings we discuss: 

  • The responsibilities of individuals in our community who are made aware of instances of bullying, harassment and discrimination, including how these situations can be addressed. 
  • The services available to support our community members who have been affected by bullying, harassment and discrimination. 
  • The definitions of bullying, harassment and discrimination according to New Zealand law. 
  • What it means to be an active bystander. 

Creating Cultures of Consent and Respect training

This is a 2-hour training that will educate student leaders and staff about the prevalence and impacts of sexual violence in New Zealand. The training is an opportunity to consider how we can keep everyone safe from sexual violence, and to ensure that good, trauma-informed support is available to people who have experienced sexual violence. 

The training aims to address topics such as:

  • NZ prevalence of sexual violence, including sexual harassment and sexual assault, and its impacts 
  • Coercive behaviour 
  • Consent (and the law) 
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
  • How to be active bystanders
  • Support options and how to support students with disclosures.

The training will deliver resources and guidance to students and staff alike who may be experiencing or have previously experienced sexual violence, or for those who may receive disclosures of sexual violence. 

“Dear whānau” workshop

Understanding how the University works and what services are available is hard enough for student, but it can be even worse for their whānau who are not studying themselves. Come join us for a one hour workshop, where our amazing Health Promotion Advisors will provide information about the various support services available at the University.  

This workshop will address the following topics:

  • The support services available at the University
  • Provide you with tools on how to take care of your close ones while they are studying at the university with us
  • Help you understand how you can take care of yourself in this sudden time of change.

Whether you’re the parents, grandparents or the caregiver of a student at our University, this workshop is for you!

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If you have any questions about the trainings please do get in touch - the team would love to hear from you!