External financial support

Outside of the University, there are additional financial support options that may be available to you.


If you are in need of food assistance, you can reach out to your local food bank to make an appointment or organise for a food parcel to be delivered to your home.


Studylink can help not only with student loan applications, but also may be able to support you with urgent or unexpected costs, accommodation costs, and childcare subsidies.

Urgent or unexpected costs through

If you have to pay for something urgently, get an unexpected bill, or have a personal emergency, Studylink might be able to help with matters related to food, accommodation, power/gas/water bills, dental treatment, car repairs. Other situations may also be considered.


Special need grant
If you meet the eligibility criteria, Studylink may also be able to provide a Special Needs Grant, a one-off payment that helps you with urgent costs (e.g., emergency dental or medical treatment, food or bedding. In most situations, you do not need to pay this money back.

Childcare subsidy
If you’re the primary carer of a dependent child, you may be eligible for a childcare subsidy, which is a payment that helps with the costs of pre-school childcare.

Studylink – how to avoid debt

While Studylink is a critical financial support service for most tertiary students, it is also important to be aware of the downfalls of borrowing money.
If you are receiving payments from Studylink, you must keep them in the loop with any changes that might affect what or how much financial support you’re eligible for, to avoid getting yourself in debt.
The most common ways to get into debt include but are not limited to:

Studylink paying you too much for your Student Allowance or other payments (e.g., Accommodation supplement)
This can happen if you didn’t tell Studylink:
- Your correct income before they paid you
- Your income increased
- About a change in your circumstance (e.g., you withdrew from study, started work, or you no longer have a partner)

Recoverable assistance
This is money that Studylink has paid you with the understanding that you will have to pay this money back (e.g., a bond assistance, school uniforms or a rent payment)

Benefit overpayment
This is when you are receiving a benefit that you aren’t allowed to get while you are studying (e.g., you’re studying full-time and get Jobseeker Support).

To read more about changes that may impact your entitlements, click here.

If in doubt about a change in your circumstances and how this may affect future debts, it’s always a good idea to contact Studylink.

If you need additional assistance in contacting Studylink, you can reach out to your student support advisors or campus care team for further support. They can provide guidance and help you navigate the process of contacting Studylink.

If you need help accessing these services, please contact Te Papa Manaaki