Delivering and progressing the Action Plan

How we deliver the Action Plan

The University is committed to its responsibility to ensure the needs of Māori are specifically discussed, planned, and implemented in partnership with Māori to ensure that this action plan is meaningful and effective.

We acknowledge the need to be inclusive of all cohorts (e.g. LGBTQITakatāpui+, students with a disability, refugee students, international students, Pacific and other equity groups) as we implement this Action Plan. The ways in which these specific actions will be delivered has not been detailed in this high-level document, however it is imperative that the delivery of the action plan acknowledges and caters to the different contexts of our diverse staff and student population to ensure all actions are meaningful and effective.

As an outcome of this Action Plan, we expect to provide an environment where staff and students have the choice to access the support that suits them best, including culturally and diversity appropriate resources and services.

How we progress the Action Plan

This Action Plan is a living document and will evolve over time as we make progress on the actions and better understand the needs and concerns of our community. This will enable us to enhance our processes and supports, learn from experience and feedback, and incorporate the growing body of best practice information and new research on this topic into the delivery of our actions. As the University progresses this action plan, measures will be implemented and reviewed as appropriate while the action plan itself is expected to be reviewed annually to enable additional measures to be incorporated that address emerging needs in the University community.

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