Recent progress

In the past few years the University has implemented a range of improvements to its policy, prevention, and support services to raise awareness, and prevent and better respond to Harmful Sexual Behaviour. These include:

  • Implementing a Code of Conduct.
  • Through the gender-based harassment working group, updates to our Addressing Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination policy, guidelines, and supporting processes.
  •  Launch of a new Harassment page, and Consent and Healthy Relationship pages on the University website as part of our commitment to improving resources for staff and students affected by all forms of harassment.
  • Development of Addressing Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination online awareness/education modules for both staff and students, as well as in-person training for staff and student leaders.
  • Ongoing funding for Harmful Sexual Behaviour initiatives to fund awareness campaigns, training and education, promotions, and support of student groups.
  •  Sexual harm in person awareness/education workshops in partnership with Rape Prevention Education.
  • Dedicated space on campus for Harmful Sexual Behaviour information and specialist support service, including partnership with HELP Auckland who provide weekly drop in support sessions on campus for students and staff.
  • Health promotion videos on creating cultures of respect and consent. A collaboration with Villainesse and Rape Prevention Education to produce videos on the topics of Consent, Boundaries, Being an Upstander, Healthy Relationships, Code of Conduct, and Where to Get Support at the University.
  •  Appointments have been made in the Health Promotion and Campus Care team to include staff who have experience working in addressing issues of sexual harm.
  • Appointed five new Proctors from across the academic and professional space. Training on sexual harm has been provided to them through external provider RPE (Rape prevention education).
  • Don't Guess the Yes campaign launched on campus. 

However, there is more work to do to end Harmful Sexual Behaviour on our campuses and within our University community. This Action Plan outlines the key priorities for the foreseeable future.

Please email all feedback and suggestions to