Response and reporting

What we need to do and why this is important

Review use of appropriate whistleblower line/s and anonymous reporting avenues

The University promotes its whistleblower hotline as an anonymous way to make a harassment complaint. The University supports an anonymous reporting tool and will review if the existing whistleblower hotline is the most appropriate avenue to achieve this.

Status: complete

Establish protocols

Establish protocols for when appointed University investigators are expected to engage external experts to lead or support internal investigations on reports of Harmful Sexual Behaviour.

Investigations that involve HSB are highly sensitive and require skilled investigators with expert knowledge. The University has skilled investigators through the Proctors Office and Human Resources, but for some investigations relating to HSB, independent external expertise may be advisable. 

Status: no update

Update SCIRP: Student Critical Incident Response Plan

To include a specific response plan for rape and sexual assault.

Currently the SCIRP bundles rape and sexual assault in with general assault response. The sensitivity of this type of assault, together with the different services and supports available, requires a different response plan.

Status: complete

Strengthen relationships

With external agencies, other Universities, and Police. Share networks between student and staff services to ensure consistency.

Having strong links to external mainstream and specialist providers ensures that we are able to keep up to date with the sector and provide services that are adaptable, consistent and culturally appropriate. Staff and students have access to the same external services and these networks are available to both staff and students.

Status: complete

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