What we need to do and why this is important

Identify a culturally and diversity appropriate space

A space that can be dedicated to HSB (and include Family Violence information from Equity Office) with office hours for drop-ins and relevant materials available.

Students have indicated that a safe space that is known to have information available about HSB will assist in encouraging students to disclose and get the support they need. A space has been identified adjacent to the Student Health & Counselling service, and this space is available for staff and students.

Status: complete

Investigate embedding a chat function on the University website specifically for harmful sexual behaviours

Sometimes survivors don’t want to immediately talk to a human face to face or by phone; they would like a more anonymous way to take that first step toward disclosure. This could be done in partnership with an external organisation such as Safe to Talk.

Status: no update

Create a 24/7 support service by partnering with external agencies

It is vital that we can provide support to students outside normal business hours. By providing 24/7 support we can ensure that survivors always have someone to talk to either via phone, chat or text. 

Status: no update

Improve the self-help information and resources

Self Help resources can empower individuals to take control. These need to be easy to find, culturally appropriate, and use language that resonates with students and is applicable for staff.

Status: in progress

Increase funding provided to student groups

With a focus on HSB to deliver student-led activities (e.g. peer support groups).

Student Groups play an important role in raising awareness and providing a supportive environment for victims and survivors.

Status: complete

Continue to support student-led spaces on Campus

(e.g. Queer Space, Women’s Space, Cultural Space etc.)

Students have indicated these spaces are vital for vulnerable members of our University community; a safe space to be and to talk openly about HSB. We need to continue to support and equip student groups who are operating these spaces to ensure they have the right training and resources.

Status: complete

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