Evidence of your visa

It is important to submit evidence of your visa to the University.

Why and when do I have to submit a copy of my visa?

You must have a valid visa to study at the University of Auckland (if studying in New Zealand). Your student visa must show the “University of Auckland” as your education provider and your correct programme of study. If you hold a different kind of temporary visa please confirm your eligibility to study with Immigration New Zealand and the University of Auckland.

You must provide the University with a copy of your passport and visa when you first enrol and whenever you renew your passport or obtain a new visa. This is a requirement of Immigration New Zealand and the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021.

If you do not have a valid visa, or for questions about student visas, please contact Student Hubs or the International Student Suport team.

What happens if I don't provide my visa?

You need to provide evidence of your visa by the first day of the term, i.e. the relevant semester, quarter or doctoral year you are enrolled in.

If you fail to provide your visa to the University, your enrolment may be withdrawn and you lose access to all University services and portals, including CANVAS and Student Services Online.

How to upload your visa information

You need to upload a copy of your valid visa by the first day of the relevant term and every time you renew your passport or obtain a new visa.