Fees for University Health and Counselling

Fees will depend on whether you are enrolled with us as your Primary Health Organisation (PHO).

Please note, all consultations must be paid on the day. Some services also require a non-refundable deposit, such as specialist appointments.

If you are a student in significant financial hardship get in touch so we can help you access the healthcare you need. 

Cancelling appointments:

If you can't make or need to change an appointment, you need to let us know as soon as possible. You can cancel your appointment in person or by phone on 09 923 7681.  

  • Medical and health appointments can be cancelled/changed up to 2 hours before your appointment.
  • Counselling appointments can be cancelled/changed up to 24 hours before your appointment.

Missed appointments

  • If you miss an appointment or do not cancel within the timeframe, you will be charged a fee of $10. This must be paid at the time it is charged or before your next appointment.
  • We are a student service and we need to make sure that any available appointment slots are filled by students who need help.
  • If you have exceptional circumstances for missing an appointment, please let our reception staff know.

Additional charges:

There may be a charge for any additional materials that may be used in treatments or consultations.

Domestic students

Please be advised that we are making a small increase to some health services fees from Monday 26 Feburary 2024.

Counselling is still free for all domestic students, and funded through private health insurance for international students.

It has been several years since we have had a price increase and we do aim to continue providing a very low cost service so we have made the increase as minimal as possible. Please see the chart below for the new prices coming into effect next week.

Service PHO enrolled Non-enrolled (casual)

GP consult (15 mins)     
17 and under


GP consult (30 mins)      $38 $75
GP ACC surcharge $15 $45
Nurse consult (15 mins) $16 $35
Nurse consult (30 mins) $32 $45
Nurse ACC consult  $16 $32
Counselling No charge No charge 

Community Services Card

A Community Services Card can reduce the cost of your medical visits, emergency dental care and more. Find out if you are eligible.


Find out about enrolling with University Health and Counselling as your Primary Health Organisation. Extended consultations will incur an additional charge.

International students

  • If you're covered by Allianz's Studentsafe policy, we will process your claim on your behalf.
  • If you have coverage with another insurer, you will need to pay for your consultation and provide the paperwork to your insurer for reimbursement.

Note: Some services may not be covered by your policy – check with reception. Extended consultations will incur an additional charge.

Service with Allianz with another insurer or not eligible for bulk-billing
GP consultation Bulk-billed $75
GP ACC surcharge Bulk-billed $55
Nurse consultation Bulk-billed $35
Nurse ACC consultation Bulk-billed $25
Counselling Bulk-billed $90

Specialist visits

Fees for specialist visits Domestic students
PHO enrolled
Non-enrolled (casual) International students
Sexual health clinic $16 $35 $35
Travel clinic (excludes cost of vaccines) $75 Not available $75
Antarctic medical (requires $50 deposit) $170 Not available $170
Outward Bound medical $70 Not available $70

Procedures and other services

The prices listed below are in addition to the standard consultation fee, for both domestic and international students.

Domestic students

Prices for additional  procedures Domestic students
PHO enrolled
ECG $50
ECG cardiologist review (in addition to ECG cost) $60
Ear suction $50
Dressing consumables $5 - $25 (max)
Liquid nitrogen $20
Medical Certificate $20 min (can be more)
Medical Report $50 min (can be more)
Medical Letter $30

Repeat perscriptions

Item Domestic students
PHO enrolled
International students
Repeat prescriptions, faxed through to pharmacy
$10 $30