How staff can support students

Student Disability Services are available to provide advice and guidance to staff on how to support students with disabilities at the University.

We work closely with staff to implement special conditions for tests, to support students in labs and on fieldwork, and to review student requests for coursework support.

Staff with disabilities are encouraged to contact our colleagues in HR's Staff Equity team for support.

Design for accessibility

Checking the accessibility of teaching materials ensures that we are supporting the success of all students.

Disability Confidence 101

Disability Confidence 101 is part of the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Kia Orite toolkit and sits alongside the mahi we are doing as part of our Disability Action Plan. This plan seeks to support students and staff with disabilities to succeed, making the University a more accessible place for all. 

The course is freely available through  Achieve, which is a national network established to ensure equal opportunity and access to post-secondary education and training for people with impairments.  

Symplicity Access Disability Case Management System

Symplicity Access is the University’s central resource for organising support for students with disabilities. 

Current students 

You can direct students to log into our student access portal to complete our registration form. Once the registration has been reviewed, students can use the portal to make an appointment with a disability case manager and make requests for ongoing support.  

Teaching staff

Course coordinators/course directors log into the faculty portal to view students in your class with approved learning and teaching supports (adjustments). 

Other resources

ADCET has some useful resources about specific types of disability and recommendations for creating for inclusive teaching. 

Below are some additional resource sheets, developed by Student Disability Services, for specific disabilities. These are currently in the process of being updated. Should you have any questions about the information provided, please get in touch with SDS.