Student long-term loan laptop

A service to support you with your studies if you do not have a personal device or cannot access university IT resources due to other circumstances.

If you are a current University of Auckland student, you can apply to borrow a laptop as a long-term loan to help with your studies.

You can apply for a long-term loan laptop if your personal circumstances means that:

  • You do not have a device yourself
  • You can't access and use university IT resources on-campus

What can the long-term loan laptop do

The laptops come ‘as new.’ This means that you will receive a laptop that can be used like a personal device and is powerful enough to support you with most standard study requirements.

For example, you can use your device for:

  • Watching recordings
  • Accessing Canvas
  • Using the internet
  • Completing assignments
  • Sitting online assessments

You can borrow a student long-term loan laptop for the current semester in which you are studying. You must return the device at the end of this period for maintenance.

There is no limit on how many times you can loan a laptop during your studies.

Applying for a student long-term loan laptop

To apply for a student long-term loan laptop, you:

  • Must be an enrolled student at the University of Auckland for the current semester
  • Must be enrolled in a Bachelor, Bachelor (Honours), Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma, or Masters programme
  • Should have personal circumstances which mean you do not have a personal device yourself, or you can't access and use university IT resources on-campus

If you meet these conditions, you can submit an application form. You will be contacted via your student email once your application has been reviewed. 

Doctoral candidate technology support form

If you are a doctoral candidate needing a laptop, please apply for this via the Staff Intranet as your application will be reviewed by your faculty. 

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Where do I collect my loan laptop?

We aim to have your application processed as quickly as possible, but it can take up to five days.
You will receive an email from us once your device is ready for collection. You can collect your device from the:

IC Helpdesk
Room 233
Level 2
Kate Edger Information Commons
Building 315
Symonds Street
Wayfinding map

If you have previously submitted a request and you no longer need a laptop, please let us know so that we can cancel your request.

Ask us

How long can I borrow the laptop for?

You can borrow your student long-term loan laptop for the semester you're enrolled into, and you need to return it no later than the end of this semester. You can reapply for the next semester you're enrolled in for a new long-term student loan laptop if you need one.

If you need a laptop for a small amount of time, you can also consider using one of our same-day loan laptops.

Student long-term loan laptops remain the property of the University of Auckland.

Lost or damaged something?

If your loan device is lost, or has been damaged in some way, please let us know immediately.

We will review the situation and see what the next steps will be. These steps are based on the loan laptops terms and conditions.

Ask us

Need some technical support?

If you are experiencing issues or problems, please let us know as soon as you can so that we can try and help you.

It can take a few days to troubleshoot and fix, and may require you to bring us the device, so it's best that you do this before it is urgent, or you have assignments or assessments due.

To report any issues, please contact us by completing our Ask us form.

Please include:

  • Details of the issue you're experiencing
  • The serial number of the device

To report any issues or for further information please contact us by completing our Ask us form.